Q: How are Botox and Dysport different?

What our experts say:

In all honesty, in a clinical setting we really don’t know what the difference is. They work about the same, and last the same amount of time. I do find in my practice, that when you inject Dysport, it spreads a bit more, so the radial distance of the spread all around is greater. Therefore, I tend to use it more in the neck because it is a large area, and the patient gets more results. Both have to mixed, and everybody mixes them differently. The conversion is for every one unit of Botox, you should inject three units of Dysport. The price per unit of Dysport comes out lower, but you have to inject three units, so it comes out the same. Xeomin is a new botulinum toxin that just came out. The conversion is one-to-one with Botox. It’s a little different molecule, but works great as well. They basically all do the same thing. Different people may perceive them differently. Some doctors may have a certain relationship with a certain company, and they like to deal with that company over another. Everyone finds a niche for all these products.  You find what works better in certain areas.  Some have better rebates. It’s all becoming very generic.

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Dr. Janice Lima Maribona


Miami, Florida