Q: What is the best non-invasive treatment for cellulite?

What our experts say:

In my opinion, the best non-invasive treatment is radiofrequency. There are different devices, but I believe the most complete and most versatile one is the Accent XL because it can be used anywhere on the body. The Accent XL has two handpieces that complement each other. One decreases the appearance of cellulite and the other one tightens the skin. These treatments are not permanent; you have to have six treatments, done every two to three weeks; and then you have to come in for maintenance two to three times a year. There are other treatments as well, but for cellulite this is the gold standard. There is Cryolipolysis like Zeltiq, but you can’t do it all over the body. Accent can be used on the neck, arms, muffin tops, thighs, and in the face. We can even tighten up the eyes. It’s a very versatile machine, and very user-friendly. There is a second generation available in Europe that uses both cold and hot ultrasound waves, which is going to be interesting, so we’ll see what it can do.

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