Q: What is the best technique to minimize scarring with a breast lift or reduction?

What our experts say:

Many women, when considering a breast lift, want to keep scars to absolute an minimum; but that is a way to end up with worse scars.  There is always an incision around the areola. When it’s made all by itself, the white skin around it is removed and the areola is inset into that and lifted.  This causes it to be stretched to the new shape and lifted and gathered. Sometimes limiting the incision to just the areola will make the areola really large and the scar lift.  I recommend doing the full-anchor approach or a lollipop (with no under-the-breast incision). You need a vertical incision to take the pressure off of the areola. Sometimes more is less.  If I can do the proper incision and move tension off of the scar that is most visible, then they will have a better scar that is less visible.  Otherwise, the scar will be so bad you will be unhappy.  You have to look at the dynamics of the breast and the scar tissue and how the skin pulls.  Sometimes this requires adding additional scars that take tension off the scars that are most noticeable. It’s making a trade. In a breast lift, we are trading scars for shape. If someone is truly unhappy with the shape of their breast, then they have to be willing to accept a trade to get the benefit they are looking for.  It is worth it. Scars tend to look good with time.  If not, we can improve them with scar management treatments. There are topicals, injectables and laser treatments that can make scars look as best as possible. 


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