Q: How many parts of my body can I “lift” at one time without risks or complications? How many procedures can I have done at once?

What our experts say:

I’m very safety conscious. I usually recommend patients separate them out; but it depends on how extensive the procedures are.  If they want an extensive tummy tuck, breast lift and arm lift, I recommend they split them up into three separate procedures.  When you start disabling multiple parts of the body, you start to have risks of blood clots in the legs, pneumonia, and healing problems.  Most people want to get back to normal activities, and with more than one procedure, you can’t move around properly.  So, you have to think about how much time you really have to recover.  Most people think it’s better to have a single healing time, but what they are really doing is extending that healing time.  Your body can’t handle that much trauma at one time. So it’s no longer one-to-two weeks of healing anymore for a tummy tuck, if you add a breast augmentation. You can’t move and are at the mercy of your caretakers. However, a tummy tuck with lower-eyelid surgery would be a nice combination.  Some doctors don’t think about what’s smart and safe for the patient. It’s best to keep the complication rate low, separate out the procedures and keep the surgical time short. Somewhere between 6.5 to 7 hours should be the absolute maximum.  Anesthesia time over 7 hours adds to the complication rate. 


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