Q: How do you show patients you care?

What our experts say:

I call them at home before and after their surgeries. They always tell me how surprised they are, as many have never had doctors do this before.

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Dr. Michael Horn

Plastic Surgeon

Chicago, Illinois

We offer overnight facilities at our rancho mirage plastic surgery institute to help patients through the process.


Dr. Andrew Ordon

Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills, California

Patient care begins with performing safe, quality surgical and nonsurgical procedures. I answer every question and personally follow up with patients. I am responsible for their well-being and like to be the primary contact for my patients. Being a good doctor means attending to your patients’ needs and concerns. 

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Dr. Christine Hamori

Plastic Surgeon

Duxbury, Massachusetts

We go above and beyond to make our patients know how much we care about them. We do a lot of hand-holding, taking them step by step with support to relieve any fears or concerns. We don’t just do the surgery and forget about them—we have established a relationship that will last a lifetime.

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Dr. Jack Hensel Jr.

Plastic Surgeon

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina