Q: What is your core treatment philosophy?

What our experts say:

I customize what I do for each individual patient. I take time to really listen to what they would like to achieve. Then I try to give them a range of options from less invasive to more invasive treatments. At the end of the day, the plan has to fit their goals, and they have to be happy with it.


Dr. Michael Godin

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Richmond, Virginia

At DLVSC our patients always come first. For me, listening to my patients is most important. All our surgical treatments are always performed by a dermatologist. I believe in always being available and accessible to my patients for ongoing care.

Munavalli NB32

Dr. Gilly Munavalli


Charlotte, North Carolina

I think of myself as both a dedicated doctor and a skilled plastic surgeon. I am always considering the patient as a whole before I focus on their cosmetic goals. My mission is to provide outstanding patient care, safety and service as well as deliver the best possible surgical results.

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Dr. Sean Simon

Plastic Surgeon

Miami, Florida