Q: What does a consultation with you entail?

What our experts say:

After listening carefully and examining the patient thoroughly, appropriate options are discussed and a recommendation for treatment is made. In some cases, modern imaging techniques are used to enhance communication between patient and surgeon. If the patient feels that the image conveys their desired appearance and I believe I can deliver the look, we’re good to go!


Dr. George Sanders

Plastic Surgeon

Encino, California

We always ask our patient what bothers them—that’s the starting line. With cosmetic patients, we let them tell us what they would like to see improved. At that point, we go over all of the options, tailoring each treatment to that particular individual because not every treatment is right for everyone. 

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Dr. Julie Russak


New York, New York

The first visit involves listening to and exploring the concerns of the patient and their pertinent history, a physical exam, photographs and a thorough discussion of options for treatment. I review the photos and consultation notes prior to the patient’s next visit. During the second visit, we review them, I answer any questions, and we solidify a plan. 

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Dr. Leo R. McCafferty

Plastic Surgeon

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Our consultations begin with us learning about the patients and their goals, and then educating them on the treatment options specific to their needs. Then we create both an immediate and a long-term care plan for them. 

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Dr. Mitchell J. Ross


Greenwich, Connecticut

We discuss the patient’s concerns and expectations. My assistant takes photographs so I can provide a full facial analysis. I present the patient with several options to achieve their goals, all of which are discussed in detail. I make sure to thoroughly explain each proposed procedure and make sure the patient is fully educated on their choices. 

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Dr. Nargiz Schmidt

Cosmetic Dentist

New York, New York

I try to make the patient feel comfortable before we discuss the area they would like me to address. Once that is determined, I describe procedure options with the aid of a brochure or iPad. I then examine the patient and explain what I feel would be the best option to achieve their goal. Then we have a frank discussion about risks and what to expect postoperatively. 

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Dr. Christine Hamori

Plastic Surgeon

Duxbury, Massachusetts