Q: What do you like most about your job?

What our experts say:

I love changing someone’s life for the better; it’s such an emotionally rewarding thing. The look on their face, their improved confidence, their new lease on life—it’s amazing. I feel lucky to have the privilege to bring about such change on a daily basis.

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Dr. Jenifer Back

Cosmetic Dentist

Sarasota, Florida

I enjoy the people I get to meet—men and women who have a great approach to life. In many cases, I get to know entire families as patients because one member will refer others to me. 

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Dr. Jill L. Hessler

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Palo Alto, California

I feel fortunate to possess the ability to make a profound impact on a patient’s life. Enhancing their appearance in turn improves their confidence and self-image. It is rewarding to see a patient’s transformation both inside and out. At the end of the day, I know I have changed someone’s life for the better.

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Dr. Sean Simon

Plastic Surgeon

Miami, Florida

I like that my patients, the staff and the people that I’m privileged to work with continue to surprise me with their strength and spirit. I love what I do in every aspect from consultation to surgery. 


Dr. Alan J. Durkin

Plastic Surgeon

Vero Beach , Florida

I enjoy making people happy. In addition, I appreciate the many nuances in anatomy and the tremendous creativity that is involved in my work. 

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Dr. Elie Levine

Plastic Surgeon

New York, New York

The world of dermatology is incredibly vast. There is so much science behind it, and we as doctors continuously research to improve our understanding of the skin and stay on the forefront of technology and medicine. I love being able to make people look better, live healthier and feel happier. 

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Dr. Jody Levine


New York, New York

My capacity to positively affect change in my patients’ lives, whether it’s through cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. I love getting that big thank-you hug and seeing that glowing smile when the whole process is complete.

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Dr. Michael J. Orseck

Plastic Surgeon

Spartanburg, South Carolina

I love cosmetically enhancing a smile. I enjoy the process of getting to know you and creating a smile that is uniquely yours. We are very precise in how we enhance each smile. It must be unique to you or it’s not incredible. 

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Dr. Lori Kemmet

Cosmetic Dentist

Boulder, Colorado