This Woman Underwent Surgery to Make Her Forehead Smaller and the Results Are Dramatic

This Woman Underwent Surgery to Make Her Forehead Smaller and the Results Are Dramatic featured image

Most of us see something we don’t like when we look in the mirror, whether it’s lines and wrinkles, thin lips, or a zit that magically popped up overnight. For 24-year-old Keileigh Lanaway, she saw a larger-than-normal forehead that unfortunately made her a target for bullying

“I always knew that my forehead was bigger than normal. And from my early teenage years onward, I really started to compare myself to others. There was nothing said to my face, but you could see people talking about me, pulling their own hair right back, mocking me,” Lanaway told DailyMail. “They’d call me things like, ‘spam-head.’ I’d hear it constantly. I was lucky to have close friends, but it was still really hurtful. I never told mum and dad about the bullying at school; I never got anyone involved. I kept it all to myself. Things weren’t easy at all.”

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The bullying and self-consciousness led to anxiety—Lanaway avoided swimming for a decade so no one would see her forehead; she even grew long bangs to help hide it. She also had a difficult time dating, never letting a man see what was underneath her bangs. “I remember a previous relationship where my boyfriend would say, ‘What’s under there?!’ One night I woke up and he told me he’d moved it in my sleep. It hurt me so bad. I was devastated. It sounds so silly, but that was my comfort blanket. I couldn’t even talk to him about it because I was so upset.”

After years of searching for a better, more permanent solution to end her suffering once and for all, Lanaway discovered a plastic surgery procedure that could lower her hairline. Click here to see her before the procedure.

The surgery, which lowered Lanaway’s hairline by 3 cm, produced instantly visible results, but took about nine months for the full transformation to settle in. “When they first removed the bandages in the hospital, I was so pleased—so, so pleased. It was just what I wanted.” Click here to see her post-op.

Although it came with a steep price tag (£6,500, which equals about $8,700), Lanaway told DailyMail she is proudly displaying her entire face for the first time. “Every single day I look in the mirror and can’t believe what I see. It’s like the old me never even existed. I’ve started putting my hair in a side-parting for the first time, abandoning my fringe, and letting it fall naturally. And for the first time ever, I feel and I sound like ‘myself.’” Click here to see how she looks now.

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We spoke to Scottsdale, AZ, plastic surgeon Bryan Gawley, MD, to find out more about how this procedure is performed here in the United States.

“This procedure is known as the forehead reduction, and it’s sometimes performed as a standalone procedure, but other times it becomes a component of a browlift in patients who have a more receded or posterior positioned hairline,” explains Dr. Gawley. “Essentially the procedure involves making an incision along the hairline, mobilizing the scalp to shift it forward, and removing some of the non-hair bearing skin of the forehead to reduce the distance from the brow to the hairline.”

According to Dr. Gawley, the procedure (which takes approximately two hours to complete) is not uncommon for plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons to perform if they are comfortable with facelifting and do a reasonable amount of facial rejuvenation. In the appropriate patients, it can really be a dramatic improvement with minimal downtime or discomfort.”

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