15 New Relaxation Rituals to Help You Reset and Recharge

From aromatherapy all-stars to the best bath essentials, these remedies deliver a moment of Zen.

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H. Gillerman Organics’ new Remedy Diffuser Oil Collection ($36 each) offers an easy way to do daily self-care rituals right.


Intended to be taken at different times of the day, CAP Beauty’s O’Clocks ($40 each) herbal blends help energize, revive and encourage a good night’s sleep.


Black + Jane Rose Ritual Kit ($25) makes turning the bathroom into a spa almost effortless with Himalayan salts, homemade lavender and a blue-sage-rose smudge stick.


Candles keep the calm with releases from the Ayurvedic-inspired Vancouver Candle Co. Discovery Collection ($45 each) and essential oil–sourced Brooklyn Candle Studio’s Santa Fe Escapist ($38).


It launched late last year, but kaia naturals says its sleep hot bath ($15) is a consistent best-seller.


Joan Gray Chill ($22) uses the power of pure palo santo to create a cleansing and detoxifying soak.


Scented, relaxing and softening, L:A Bruket Sea Salt Bath Marigold/Orange/Geranium ($35) delivers a therapeutic tub experience.


Made specifically for travelers to promote relaxation on the road, Sarisha Beauty Marché aux Fleurs Salt & Floral Bath ($18) helps ease tension.


Indie Lee enters the wellness game with her I-Recover Body Soak ($42), a hybrid soak-scrub that targets overworked muscles via a soothing aromatherapy blend.


Aquarian Soul Mood Magic ($22) combines crystals and essential oils for a quick pick-me-up.


Employing numerology, ilapothecary Beat the Blues Pulse Point ($43) balances with a tuberose and geranium blend.


Perfect for energizing and increasing focus, Follain Cooling Essential Oil Blend ($18) melts away stress.


All-natural Vervan Relaxing Balm ($18) can be used as body lotion, hand cream and even a lip product.


Reiki master and former Vogue India editor Sameer Reddy’s Soul Candy Calm Mist ($29) makes setting intentions simple.


Nectar Bliss Amethyst Spray ($25) empowers the purple quartz in a good-smelling spritz.