12 Off-the-Radar Products That Promote a Better Night’s Sleep

Getting a good amount of Z’s just became a lot less complicated thanks to these before-your-head-hits-the-pillow musts.

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Som Sleep ($10)

It looks like a can of soda, but this zero-sugar, scientifically backed drink is a staff favorite for promoting restfulness.


Grown Evening Adaptogen ($76)

With a calming Reishi mushroom mix, drop this herbal tonic into any drink pre-doze.


Énamour Baby Sleep Oil ($25)

Even grownups can benefit from this plant-based skin care oil that provides a punch of aromatherapy.


Farmaesthetics Dreaming Oil ($27)

Tap into the power of inhalation with this tiny blue glass vial that mixes the magic of lavender and clary sage oils.


Ranavat Botanics Lavender Tonique ($40)

It not only tackles that in-demand glow-skin step in a spritz, but also works as a before-bed pillow spray.


Way of Will Sleep Tight ($24)

A trio of essential oils help ward of insomnia in this easy-to-use roll-on.


youtheory Sleep Powder ($22)

The size of this fast-acting powder is perfect for travel and the ever-looming jet-lag that tends to follow.


LOVE Wellness Lights Out ($25)

Chic bottles that deliver capsules with a dose of magnesium make for a powerful natural sleep aid.


Saje Muscle Melt Body Butter ($25)

Think of this super rich body butter as a luxe, better-smelling version of BenGay that’s works double-duty to decompress.


Bodha Smokeless Calm Sticks ($28)

Winding down (and your whole entire room) gets an upgrade with this modern take on incense.


Spacemasks Self-Heating ($19) + SLIP Silk ($50) Sleep Masks

One of the easiest ways to guarantee a good night’s sleep? Completely block out the light.