If Natural Fragrances Are Your Thing, Here Are 6 Good Ones to Try

Whether you prefer to get your fragrance the traditional way, via a roll-on or spray, or through a different delivery system like a body oil, deodorant or even a piece of jewelry, these six natural products leave you smelling on point without any harsh ingredients.

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Ellis Brooklyn Rrose Excellent Body Milk ($55)

For those who love the luxurious scent of rose, this richly fragranced body lotion is sure to please. The light, velvety formula is 97-percent natural, contains more than 50 percent organic ingredients and absorbs quickly into skin without leaving a greasy residue.


Ambre Blends Ahnu Natural Deodorant ($34)

Natural deodorants are majorly trending, and this toxin-free formula is one to try. It not only contains antibacterial, soothing ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera, but also boasts a clean, earthy scent with notes of tuberose, violet leaf and tobacco.


Fig + Yarrow Bath + Body Oil in Meadow ($48)

Certified-organic oils—sweet almond, pumpkin, olive and grapeseed—mixed with a hint of lavender work to deeply nourish skin and improve its tone. Apply it post-shower or add a splash to your bath for an aromatherapeutic, calming experience.


Juara Candlenut Perfume Oil ($28)

Toss this 100-percent vegetarian roll-on perfume in your purse (it even fits in a clutch for date night) so you always smell good on the go. The brand’s signature candlenut scent is alcohol-free, tropical and seriously addictive.


Lisa Hoffman Silver Geo-Gem Cuff ($120)

If your skin reacts negatively to fragrance, but you still want to wear it, try this scented cuff. One end houses an eco-friendly wooden bead infused with the warm, woodsy scent of Japanese Agarwood. There are seven other fragrance options, too.


Clean Reserve Citron Fig Eau de Parfum ($95)

Punchy lemon and sweet fig mix perfectly in this refreshing, Mediterranean-inspired scent, which features raw, sustainable ingredients. Plus, the glass bottle is fully recyclable, and the alcohol is corn-derived, so it is gentler on skin.