The 5 Types of Facials That Are Worth the Money

Setting aside the time it takes to get a facial done is one thing. But there’s also the expense factor that needs to be considered, too. Coughing up $100 or more for a facial should be more than just a pampering experience—it should hone-in on the skin and aging issues at hand. Below, the five types of facial that deliver the results you're looking for.

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The HydraFacial

Different than your average facial, the HydraFacial goes to work to really lift and remove dead skin from the surface while infusing skin with much-needed nutrients and ingredients to make it glow. 


The Microdermabrasion Facial

When microdermabrasion is added onto a facial it guarantees serious exfoliation for a healthy glow. Using suction and specialized crystals in the handpiece, microdermabrasion lifts dead cells up and away.


The LED Facial

Sitting under red or blue LED lights for a brief period of time can make a world of difference in terms of acne and redness


The Microcurrent Facial

The facial you want to choose for tightening up the skin, microcurrents are applied to the external layers of skin with a low-level electrical current to help increase muscle tone, tighten the underlying layers, increase blood flow and decrease puffiness. 


The Anti-Acne Facial

Extractions are almost always a part of a facial. But if you suffer from extremely congested pores, a deep declogging facial that helps to clear up the skin is a good choice. By opening up the pores (with or without steam) and extracting whatever is in them can help to clear up the skin and reduce oil, too.