The 9 Prettiest Water Bottles You Can Take From the Gym to the Office

It seems like everyone has a look-at-me water bottle in tow these days, whether it's one of their prettiest desk accessories at work or it belongs to the girl running on the treadmill next to you at the gym and you can't stop staring at it. And now with the holidays right around the corner, it's the perfect gift and something anyone can use. Here are nine of the prettiest ones you can take from the office to the gym and everywhere in between.

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bkr Spiked Tutu (16 oz, $40)

We can't get enough of bkr bottles in general, but this new limited-edition "tutu" bottle from the brand is sure to make a statement on your desk and the silicone sleeve makes it sweatproof and easy to tote along to your daily workout sesh too.


KOR ONE Water Bottle (25.3 oz, $25)

You'll definitely want to show off this BPA-free plastic water bottle from KOR (Oprah is a longtime fan of the brand), which features a sleek, modern design and a cushioned base so it sits gently on your desk.


S'well Palm Beach (25 oz, $45)

From the brand that turns water bottles into pieces of art comes this tropical-themed bottle from its Palm Beach collection. Made of double-walled stainless steel, it keeps your water cold all day long without any annoying condensation. 


Contigo Purity Petal Glass Water Bottle (20 oz, $15)

If you're a fan of the brand's stainless steel bottles and you're interested in making the switch to glass, this new design features a pretty blue silicone sleeve (it also comes in purple) that helps keep your drinks cool. The wide mouth is a plus too—no need for skinny ice cubes with this one.


bobble Classic (34 oz, $13)

With its fun shape and savvy filtration system, this BPA-free bottle lets you ditch the store-bought bottled water and refill all day from any tap. (Cool fact: The replaceable carbon filter is equal to 300 single-serve 16.9 oz. water bottles.) There's also a smaller version if you don't mind refilling it more often, and getting up to stretch your legs throughout the day is a good thing.


Ello Este Bottle (20 oz, $10)

Everyone will wonder where you got this trendy glass bottle, whether you're on the elliptical machine or sitting around a conference room table. The thick, lead-free soda lime glass helps keep your water cold and the canvas sleeve is removable so you can keep it clean if you've been sweating.


kate spade new york Raise a Glass Water Bottle (16 oz, $30)

Kate Spade's catchy tag lines have made their way onto water bottles now—this hot pink one is our favorite with "just add water" printed on the silicone sleeve. Three things we love: It's easy to carry, BPA-free and full of personality. 


Takeya Modern Flip Cap (16 oz, $23)

If pastels are more your thing (it also comes in light pink), you can't go wrong with this stylish glass bottle from Japanese healthy-living brand Takeya. The locking flip cap keeps the glass lip protected when your bottle rolls around in your gym bag—there's also an airtight silicone seal to prevent leaks.


Tervis Goldfish Water Bottle Wrap with Lid ($26)

One of the best-selling designs for the brand, this goldfish water bottle is too cute to pass up. In addition to ice-cold water, it also holds hot beverages, like your morning coffee or tea, which makes it all the more convenient for work.