The Best Shampoos for Gray Hair

Just because your hair has turned gray and you’ve lost much of its pigment, doesn’t mean you should wash and condition it with just any old shampoo or conditioner. Gray and silver hair can tend to "pull yellow" and take on a dull appearance. These products take gray hair into account to leave it looking beautiful. 

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Matrix So Silver Shampoo ($12)

Leave this violet-colored shampoo on gray or white hair for three to five minutes to help minimize yellow tones, as well as any brassiness.


AG Hair Sterling Silver Toning Conditioner ($18)

Super hydrating, this weekly conditioner is loaded with naturally occurring polyphenols that help keep white and gray color looking vibrant.


Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss in Crema ($30)

When your color needs a little extra oomph, reach for a gloss, which helps neutralize yellow and flat color in your hair while adding shine, too.


dpHUE Cool Blonde Conditioner ($24)

Hydrate with this violet-colored conditioner, which takes away brassy colors in blond, gray and white hair, while leaving strands super soft and shiny.


Davines Alchemic Conditioner Silver ($30) 

Whether your gray or silver hair has started to look a little yellow from environmental factors, the sun or bleach, this colored conditioner contains pigments that counteract unwanted hues. 


Miriam Quevedo The Extreme Shampoo For White and Grey Hair ($40)

Naturally gray and silver hair can get dry, which is why it’s important to use a super hydrating shampoo. This one, considered one of the best shampoos for gray hair, contains caviar to help add moisture and make hair soft. 


John Frieda Clear Shine Luminous Hair Glaze ($9)

When your hair needs just a boost of shine, this gloss is the one to reach for. Free of color and pigments, the gel-crème formula wakes up drab hair without affecting your overall color. 

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  • Karen
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    It’s crazy most of the reviews for these products are terrible. After 3 products I stopped checking.

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