Plastic Surgeons Say These 10 Things Are Dead Giveaways You’ve Had Work Done

Most plastic surgeons will tell you, the best plastic surgery is a subtle transformation—not a drastic change where everyone who looks at you thinks you look completely different—and that is what most patients want. Troy, MI, plastic surgeon Anthony Youn, MD, says these are his top 10 dead giveaways you’ve had some (not-so-good) plastic surgery, and stresses these reasons are also an important reminder of why it’s so vital to find a plastic surgeon who is properly board-certified, up to date on the latest techniques, and who has an aesthetic vision that’s in line with yours.

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Pixie Ear

Dr. Youn says this is the term for an elongated earlobe that results from pulling of the earlobe after a facelift. “I avoid this in my patients by securing the facelift to the cartilage of the ear. But if the facelift is secured only to skin, the earlobes can pull down and look like the earlobe of a pixie.”


Side-Breast Wrinkles

One dead-giveaway of breast implants is wrinkles on the side of the breasts when a woman bends over. “This is due to wrinkling of the implants, which is especially worse with saline implants,” Dr. Youn says, and adds silicone implants can reduce this issue.


Belly Button Anomalies

Tummy tucks can produce belly buttons that are too round, too narrow or too tight and have a visible circular scar around them. “This is often a dead giveaway for a tummy tuck.”


Rock-Hard Breasts

“When you hug someone and it feels like two cantaloupes on the chest, then it could be that she has excess scar tissue around breast implants, called capsular contracture,” Dr. Youn explains.


Botox Brow

“If any neuromodulator is injected into the forehead in a certain way, some men and women can develop an over-arching of the brow, resembling Cruella de Vil,” Dr. Youn says. The good news: Even though it looks odd when it happens, it is easily treated.


Frozen Forehead

The Botox Cosmetic Brow's cousin is the Frozen Forehead. “This is what results when too much Botox Cosmetic is injected into the forehead, causing it to lose all movement. In some people, it can cause the eyebrows to droop unnaturally as well. The only treatment is to wait it out.”


Trout Pout

The lower lip is normally 50 percent thicker than the upper lip. “When these natural proportions are altered, especially if the upper lip is thicker than the lower lip, the lips look unnatural, like the mouth of a trout."


Pillow Face

A conservative amount of filler in the cheeks can look naturally youthful. "But too much can cause a person to look like a muppet (aka pillow face),” Dr. Youn says.


Pinched Tip

“Some doctors remove too much cartilage from the tip of the nose during a rhinoplasty, resulting in a pinched nasal tip. The nose can look skinny and the nostrils can even cave in with breathing. Although this can occasionally be found naturally, in many cases this is a dead giveaway for a nose job.”


Unnatural Proportions

Dr. Youn says a “tiny waist with big butt, thin figure with massive breasts" equals unnatural proportions that are often dead giveaways for plastic surgery.