The 10 Best Products for Growing Longer, Thicker Lashes and Brows

Often associated with youth and good health, it’s no wonder we’re all after thicker brows and mile-long lashes (we’re looking at you, falsies and brow pencils). From amped-up mascara primers to advanced serums, these must-have products are sure to deliver look-at-me lashes and lust-worthy brows from the inside out in just a few swipes. 

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Dior Diorshow Maximizer 3D Triple Volume Plumping Lash Primer ($30)

Available this April, the new-and-improved version of the brand’s coveted lash primer works as a lash treatment, improving lashes up to 40 percent in two weeks, while also priming, lengthening and color-correcting lashes for mascara. Not a big mascara fan? This primer can also be used alone as a nighttime treatment for stronger, smoother lashes. 


Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli Amplifeye Lash & Brow Fortifier ($119)

With an ingredient list featuring three peptide complexes, vitamins and 10 nutrient-rich botanical extracts, this amino acid-rich lash and brow serum strengthens and conditions lashes while preventing premature eyebrow hair loss. How? By replenishing hair with a hefty dose of amino acids (what hair is made up of), which makes sparse and weak lashes a thing of the past. 


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced ($38)

Designed for twice-a-day usage, this serum from the extensive (and effective) Anastasia Beverly Hills Line works to encourage thicker, fuller-looking brows with less breakage while strengthening and conditioning existing brows and surrounding skin.


LashFood Lash Transformation System ($98)

Including the Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer to lengthen lashes; Conditioning Lash Primer, which has fibers that dramatically lengthen lashes before mascara; Conditioning Drama Mascara and Eyeliner; and Conditioning Instant Eye Makeup Remover, this 24-hour system literally works around the clock to transform short, thin lashes into lush, healthy ones. Plus, the mascara and liner are seriously effective, making eyelash care even easier to incorporate into your makeup routine


GrandeLASH MD ($65 for a three-month supply)

With the power of peptides, vitamins and plant extracts, this eyelash conditioner-meets-serum claims to promote longer, thicker eyelashes in as little as four to six weeks. 


The Brow Gal By Tonya Crooks Second Chance Brow Enhancement Serum ($95)

Designed to rehab bleached or damaged brows, this three-speed vibrating brush stimulates hair follicles and helps the ingredients better penetrate, maximizing results for bolder, healthier brows. Plus, with celeb clients including Megan Fox, Fergie and Julia Roberts, we know it really works!


Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum ($100)

Promising visibly longer, fuller lashes in as little as two weeks (with daily use), this serum sports a triple peptide complex backed by vitamins and botanicals to support your eyelashes' natural renewal cycle. Apply from your inner to outer eye on both upper and lower lashes every night, as well as on thinning brows, for a younger, revitalized appearance. 


NeuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum ($95 for 1 oz; $150 for 2 oz.)

Developed to deliver longer-looking lashes in just 30 days, this formula fast-tracks lash growth with ingredients like biotin, sodium hyaluronate and pumpkin seed extract (chock-full of fatty acids, B vitamins and amino acids) to strengthen, soften and grow lashes quickly and safely. 


Alphaeon Beauty Eyelash Serum ($110)

This once-daily serum is designed to hydrate and nourish short, brittle lashes with peptides, biotin and mineral-rich pumpkin seed extract, while promoting new, healthy growth for more voluminous lashes. 


Shiseido Full Lash and Brow Serum ($35)

Arginine, the main active ingredient in this serum, is known for its ability to restore the appearance of hair in lashes and brows, preventing them from looking sparse, short and thin. 

  • Laura Cottrill
    Posted on

    I use dermalmd eyelashes serum every night and it certainly helps to maintain my lashes. I can't say that the product actually makes my lashes longer, but sure does help to keep them in good condition!

  • MS Donna
    Posted on

    Ladies talk to me re latisse how fast truly start see results on sparse lashes as well as brows very sparse brows? And compare w Anastasia product or shisheido are you purchasing online? Or Doctors office really lil to try but hearing expensive and other possible health concerns

  • Susan
    Posted on

    I’ve used many eyelash enhancing serums, including Latisse...for what you pay for Latisse, Babe lash and Grande Lash MD work just as well as the previously mentioned product. Recital ash is another really great one!

  • Leona
    Posted on

    Larissa also makes you lose eye fat from behind your eyes. I've had it happen to me and was devastated. It's a known side effect of the medication originally used for glacouma yet it's not one of the side effects they warn you about. I've learned FDA approval doesn't mean much at all.

  • Dawn Nelson
    Posted on

    I have been using Rapidlash for 11 weeks following the instructions to the letter. I used it every night on both top and bottom lashes. At 4 weeks I began to notice a difference in my lash length. At 6 weeks there was again considerable difference in length. At 8 weeks a few of my lashes were soooo long that I had to trim them!! I swear that is a fact. I am still using the first vial and I believe it will be completely gone at the 12 week mark. I purchased it at Ulta and it cost $49. I did some on;one shopping and found the Rapidlash at for about $27 which is a considerable savings. I will continue to use this product but will cut back to 2-3 times a week to see if that will maintain the length I have now. So according to my calculations one vial/tube should last 6 months if I only apply the product 2-3 times a week which means the cost to continue using breaks down to about $4.50 a month. Not too bad considering the results. I will mention that the product does not make the lashes thicker. In other words it will not make them grow in thicker. If you have sparse lashes it will not make you grow more.....only lengthen the lashes you already have. But it also does not advertise that it will thicken lashes...only lengthen.

  • Bonnie
    Posted on

    I am using Grande lash MD. My lashes have become extremely long. I get compliments on them everywhere I go. I now use it only once or twice a week to maintain the length. Works fantastic!!! Amazing product with a great price!!!

  • Isabella
    Posted on

    I am almost out of my second box of Latisse!! I must say, for me, I saw a major improvement! I lost almost all my lashes and had sparse eyebrows from taking too many antibiotics when ill! It can cause Dermatitis, so be careful! I also noticed, for me, there was a point to where it reached a limit for further growth! If you have 'Brilliant Distinctions' and the office provider has this program, you can receive points! Right now, I am going to check out other serums!

  • B
    Posted on

    What about Latisse the only FDA approved product to grow your lashes longer, darker, and fuller?

  • Liz
    Posted on

    It's worth mentioning, Latisse works better than any other, over the counter product.

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