It's True: Some Clothes Now Contain Anti-Aging Ingredients

Sounds too good to be true, but could these pieces of clothing do more than their standard counterparts? They’re cute and offer no harm, so you might as well get a little more out of your favorite pieces.

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Cass & Co. Wear Repair Shaping Crew Neck Top with Copper ($98)

Pair this long-sleeve basic, which slims your back and does away with bra lines, with a blazer or wear it on its own. No matter which way you style it, your skin will reap the benefits of copper—think improved skin tone and texture and a healthy glow. 


Vimmia Mercury Leggings ($101)

Perfect for hitting the gym, these compression leggings do a whole host of good-for-your-body things—think increasing blood circulation and skin elasticity and protecting from the sun's UVA and UVB rays. 


Guess Jeancare High-Rise Jeggins with Silicone Rinse ($118)

Although these look and feel like regular jeans—there’s no sticky or slippery substance in the fabric—they’re infused with gingko extract, antioxidants and mineral nutrients to hydrate and soften your skin.


Spanx Every-Wear Tech Tape ($128)

With four different styles to choose from in the Every-Wear collection (these are our favorite because of the cute zipper detail), each silhouette contains UPF 50 to protect against sun damage and a shaping waistband to magically make that muffin top disappear.