6 Most Innovative Makeup-Removing Tools

Gone are the days of resorting solely to a cotton ball and standard makeup remover to take the day off. These next-generation makeup removers are totally unique and good for your skin, too.

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The Original Make Up Eraser ($20)

Despite the fact that this makeup remover feels like a plush blanket more than a washcloth, it takes off every last trace of makeup—waterproof makeup and mascara included—with just warm water. How easy is that!


LashFood Instant Eye Makeup Remover ($14)

While you’ll need to use a cotton ball or pad with this remover to lift away eye makeup, unlike most other makeup removers out there, this one actually moisturizes eyelashes to prevent lash loss and breakage.


Cleanse by Lauren Napier ($18)

Perfect for on-the-go makeup removal, these aloe-, chamomile- and cucumber-infused wipes take off makeup and oil without irritating your skin. 


Osmosis Skincare Melt Away Gelee Makeup Remover

With its balm-like texture, this one-of-a-kind remover glides onto skin—use a cotton ball or Q-tip—and wipes away unwanted makeup in an instant.


Too Cool For School Dinoplast Magic Wand for Lip & Eye Makeup Remover ($8)

Great for getting in the creases around your eyes and lips, these prefilled swaps—use them for touch-ups, too—make it so easy to get every last trace of a red lip or smoky eye off completely. 


Givenchy Mister Perfect Instant Makeup Eraser High Definition ($32)

This makeup-removing marker-like tool fully erases makeup at the end of the day. And, it’s loaded with fig extract so that your skin is soft, refreshed and hydrated.