8 Different Types of Blond Hair, Illustrated by the Celebs Who Wear Them Best

Some celebrities change their hair color like the weather, while others stay true to one hue. These A-listers are known for their light locks and continue to be the front-runners for best of the best when it comes to blond. 

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Platinum Blond: Gwen Stefani

Celebrity colorist Sharon Dorram of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger says that Gwen's platinum is perfect because there is no yellow residue, which can make this almost-white shade of blond look harsh. 

Cutler/Redken senior colorist Rachel Bodt adds, "It's creamy and icy, but still striking."


Cool Blond: Julianne Hough

Dorram says this shade of cool blond is eye-catching and really brings out Julianne's blue eyes.


Ashy Blond: Amanda Seyfried

"I love her hair because it's not overly colored—it's just a few key pieces to accentuate her beautiful, natural look," says Bodt. 


Golden Blond: Carrie Underwood

Bodt says Carrie's golden hue is classic and clean with no stripy highlights. "This color is a very classic soft blond."


Highlighted Blond: Reese Witherspoon

"This color works so well because there is a perfect balance of highlights and lowlights," says Dorram.


Dirty Blond: Blake Lively

"Blake's dirty blond color is beachy and lived-in, but still polished, young and fresh," says Bodt.


Sun-Kissed Blond: Gisele Bundchen

"This sun-kissed color really lights up Gisele's face and gives an added glow," says Dorram. Bodt adds, "It's such a modern way to do an ombré, because of the face-framing highlights."


Dark Blond: Jennifer Aniston

Bodt says Jennifer's color is earthy and very realistic. "It almost has like that little kid hair color quality, with soft highlights throughout to break it up and not make it look muddy."