The Newest Way to Wear Perfume

No matter whether you’re a total skin care guru or you take a simple wash-with-soap-and-water approach, perfume is probably something that’s a staple in your routine. But now, the world of scent is taking a turn, with a trend that lets you wear your favorite fragrance in a unique way that goes way beyond the basic spritz. 

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Byredo Flowerhead Soap Bar ($30)

It looks like a tiny bar of basic soap, but the fragrance payoff it delivers is seriously impressive. It’s floral, exotic and a little bit explosive; when you wash with it in the morning, you can still smell it on your skin when 3 o’clock rolls around.


Foster My Body Bath and Shower Gel in Smoke ($25)

Made from 100-percent argan oil, honey and oatmeal, then mixed with pure essential oils, this multitasking bath and shower gel creates a luxurious lather, leaves skin feeling soft and smells like the most intoxicating fresh perfume.


I Smell Great Wellness Water Mist ($32)

This really unique line was cofounded by actress Sophia Bush, but, besides having the celeb cred to back it up, it also has some incredible technology: Each product contains self-renewing scent spheres that reactivate by applying pressure. The most unique pick: The healing wellness water, a purified mix of aloe and glycerin that softens skin (you can even spray it on your face) and leaves behind the most delicate fragrance.


Malie Organics Perfumed Shampoo and Conditioner ($23.50)

This must-have shampoo and conditioner duo is a necessity for anyone who needs a vacation. Formulated with natural and wild-crafted ingredients sourced from Hawaiian flora, then made into hydrosols, they not only delicately cleanse hair, but also subtly fragrance strands with tropical island–inspired aromas.