The 8 Best Hair Removal Products

Hair removal may be a basic step of most women’s beauty routines, but for sensitive skin sufferers, it’s not always so simple—or so painless. These eight picks make the process a little bit easier, while easing up on the “ouch” factor.


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Nair Glides Away Moroccan Argan Oil Roll-On Stick

If you tend to shy away from depilatories because of the smell or irritation, it’s time to reconsider. This new orange blossom–infused, argan oil–packed line soothes, hydrates and removes unwanted hair—minus any odor. $6,



If you haven’t jumped on the at-home laser bandwagon yet, start with this easy-to-use one. It’s simple, really compact and the unique technology gives you the option of what level of hair-removing power you want to take it to. $295,


Sally Hansen Ouch-Relief Numbing Wipes

Whether you take on the deed of waxing at-home or go to the salon, these effective numbing wipes will become a staple to take the sting out. $5,


Whish Blue Agave Shave Cream

This non-drying thick foam softens skin on contact, thanks to the power of shea butter, green tea, coconut oil, jojoba seed and the star ingredient of soothing blue agave. $20,


Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

Besides the totally on-trend turquoise color, this limited-edition laser utilizes the same technology derms rely on for in-office hair removal. Plus, now there’s a SmoothStart Calming Gel; when you apply it before using the laser, it helps cool down even the most sensitive and reactive skin types. $449,


Guinot After Hair Removal Body Gel

Promising to minimize hair regrowth, this lightweight gel makes skin look silky-smooth and feel all-around better on contact. $42,


Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo 

Super compact and super easy to use, this works-really-fast facial hair remover never leaves behind redness or irritation. $22,


eos Shave Cream

This super creamy lathering cream was always good, but it's recently been revamped to add skin-brightening to its huge list of benefits. It makes shaving easy, and, for summer, it makes legs flawless. $4,

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  • Freya
    Posted on

    EOS Shave Cream is my absolute favorite. I love how soft it leaves my skin & I get the closest, nick-free shave. The Sally Hansen Numbing Wipes are amazing! I've been waxing my own brows since I was in my early 20's, after never being 100% satisfied when having my brows waxed by someone else (if you want something done right, so it yourself, right?). Unfortunately even after waxing my own brows (upper lip & sideburns, as well) I could never get used to the pain. I came across the Sally Hansen Numbing Wipes while browsing the beauty aisles, one day, in a large chain drugstore, & I snatched them right up! They not only numb the area just the right amount but they also prep the area for waxing by removing any sort & oils left behind after cleansing. It's one of those products that I always like to have on hand. When the Olay Facial Hair Removing System first hit the shelves, a few years ago, I was very excited to try it out for myself. When I finally got it home, I carefully read the instructions & then proceeded to apply it to my face. Unfortunately it didn't work as well as I hoped or expected. My skin is not at all sensitive to products but this stuff burned! I left it on for the recommended amount of time but it didn't remove the hair that we'll. I was very disappointed in this product especially since I love Olay & it's a brand I've grown to trust 100%. Definite thumbs down.

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