How to Choose the Most Flattering Hair Part for Your Face Shape

Whether your face shape is oval or square, the right haircut and style, especially the way you part your hair, can make a world of a difference in your overall look. Here's how to find the best part for your face shape, along with the celebrities who pull them off the best.



Oval-Shaped Face

Allen Ruiz, Aveda global artistic director, says that if you have an oval-shaped face like Lea Michelle, you can pull off just about any type of style—middle, side or even deep parts. Play around with your hair to mix things up!


Square-Shaped Face

If your face shape is square, try a side part with bangs to add softness like Sandra Bullock. Ruiz advises not to make the part too heavy, or it will accentuate the sharper angles of your face. "The aim is to offset or round out square features and soften the hair around the temples and jaw," he says.


Round-Shaped Face

For a round face, the aim is to create the illusion of length so that the face appears slimmer. Ruiz suggests wearing a center or side part like Heidi Klum's, which works better because it's one length around the face. 


Heart-Shaped Face

Channel your inner Reese Witherspoon and try a deep side part to break up your chin line and soften your cheek bones. "The aim is to decrease the width of your forehead and increase the width in the lower part of your face," Ruiz says. If your hair naturally parts down the middle, part it while it's wet and use a light gel or hairspray to keep it in place.