6 Celebrity-Approved Juice Cleanses

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Have you been overindulging and now you’re feeling bloated and blah? It can be tough to kick it into gear and face your cravings head on, but we found the perfect solution to your weight gain woes: a juice cleanse that will reset your system and recharge you to tackle your fitness goals head on. Take a hint from Hollywood’s hottest stars and be prepared to detox with these six juice-cleanse favorites.


The Gateway Cleanse

The first of BluePrintCleanse’s three cleanse levels, Renovation, is for beginner juicers and is designed to gently rid the body of impurities by using 100 percent organic, raw, fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices to take the place of meals. “The bottles are numbered in the order they should be consumed, and one day’s worth of juice is made with approximately 20 pounds of freshly pressed fruits and vegetables including leafy greens, pineapple, beets and more,” says BluePrint founder Zoe Sakoutis. “The nutrients go directly into your blood stream, feeding your cells within 10 to 15 minutes to help you regain an alkaline balance while normalizing your digestion and metabolism.”

Celebrities who love it: Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde


The Reset Cleanse

Southern California-based Ritual Wellness offers a Seasonal Reset Cleanse—a variety of six juices per day that is great for beginner cleansers—to effectively release toxins and reset your mind and body. Juices range from vegetable-heavy to fruit blends using 100 percent organic produce that is local and seasonally available. “After a three-day cleanse, you feel reset,” says Ritual Wellness co-founder Lori Kenyon. “The break you have given your digestive system has allowed your body, especially your intestines, liver and kidneys to expel and release stored up toxins. Many people report having clear, glowing skin and feeling less bloated, among many other benefits.”

Celebrities who love it: Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian


The Zen Cleanse

In addition to offering programs for more experienced cleansers, Z.E.N. Foods offers a gentle beginner cleanse called Rejuvenate that uses greens and fruits in a variety of 20 juices to give the body the ability to reset. “Many foods actually have the ability to heal,” says Mariana Rossano, president and CEO of Z.E.N. Foods. “Drinking pure nutrition through cold pressed juices is a way to get back on track with your eating and gives you the ability to rethink your food intake. Although weight loss is not the direct goal of the cleanse, it is usually a byproduct of drinking strictly juice and clients have lost upwards of five to seven pounds on a 5-day cleanse.”

Celebrity who loves it: Lisa Rinna


The 24-Hour Cleanse

Perfect for first-time cleansers, Cooler Cleanse’s Juice For A Day cleanse provides a user-friendly way to experience the invigorating power of raw, cold-pressed juices in just one day. The menu consists of six drinks, which you consume roughly every two hours to reach a total of close to 1,000 daily calories. “The Juice For A Day program provides the benefits of juicing, without letting people feel like they’re in over their heads,” says Eric Helms, co-founder of Cooler Cleanse. “Just replace your regular meals with six fresh-pressed juices for a day-long mini-cleanse that will leave you feeling like a brighter, lighter, more supercharged version of yourself.”

Celebrity who loves it: Salma Hayek



The Revitalizing Cleanse

Using formulas that are jam-packed with 100 percent organic produce, Juice Press’s Six Juice Cleanse is loaded with living enzymes and the full spectrum of required nutrition; protein, carbohydrates, H2O, fats, vitamins and minerals. “These nutrients will keep all of your necessary functions stimulated and working as they should throughout the cleanse,” says Marcus Antebi, founder and CEO of Juice Press. “Kale has become a popular ingredient since it is high in iron and fiber, low in calories and is a great anti-inflammatory. Ginger and lemon promote immunity and help increase blood flow. Pineapples and apples both aid in the digestive process, help fight off viruses and provide an extra boost of energy.”

Celebrities who love it: Kate Hudson, Renee Zellweger


The Balancing Cleanse

If you’d prefer to experience the next level of cleansing, Pressed Juicery’s Cleanse 2 Program may be the one for you. Containing two green juices, two citrus juices, one roots juice and one vanilla almond milk, the cleanse also comes with a bottle of Chlorophyll H2O to provide extra hydration and nutrition throughout the day and a bottle of Aloe Vera H2O to be taken before bed to aid in digestion. “All of our ingredients are fruits and vegetables, along with a few key superfoods and spices including cayenne pepper, cacao and cinnamon,” says Carly Brien, co-founder of Pressed Juicery. “Many people believe that health starts in the colon, and by offering the digestive system a rest, our body gets a chance to revive itself. The benefits are endless.”

Celebrity who loves it: Molly Sims

  • Karen
    Posted on

    Juicing is a fantastic way of adding nutrition that our fast-paced lifestyles don't usually include. ADDing juicing to an otherwise fairly healthy diet is a great way to look and feel great. But be cautious of going to some of these full juice diets that some talk about. That's not sustainable. Check out http://juicingforgood.com for some good info.

  • Karen
    Posted on

    Juicing is a fantastic way of adding nutrition that our fast-paced lifestyles don't usually include. ADDing juicing to an otherwise fairly healthy diet is a great way to look and feel great. But be cautious of going to some of these full juice diets that some talk about. That's not sustainable. Check out http://juicingforgood.com for some good info.

  • Tony
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    All the hype about achieving an alkaline balance is complete myth. Not based on any kind of science at all. Beware dear readers. Do your research first hand and be weary of the source of the information.

  • Radical Rose
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    After reding this article, I am psyched to try juicing!

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    Check out Liquid on Melrose in LA. Best juicing bar in LA. My niece's family started a few years ago and is going like gang-busters. Try the acai berry bowls, my favorite! Check out their website: www.liquidjuicebar.com

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    Glad you all enjoyed this! We are big fans of juicing here at NewBeauty!

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    I just happen to find your magazine in B&N & all I can say is, "where have you been all my life!?" I just started the Pressed Juicery 3-Day cleanse b/c of this article! I did 2-days of vegan eating, now on Day 1 of the cleanse. Pressed Juicery is a WONDERFUL recommendation! I researched all of the products suggested & my husband (who is a doctor) and I felt this was the BEST! It was delivered to my home exactly when it said it would (believe me, I was skeptical), and there are no hidden fees. What you see is what you get. I'm in love! Thanks for the article!

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    I like this article a lot! I did a juice cleanse years ago, and it just about saved my life! Thanks for posting this! :) Johnny The Healer

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    Interesting post, I love juicing.