6 Secrets to Longer Lashes

Long. Full. Dark. These three words describe how nearly every woman wishes her lashes would look. But, as we age, they become shorter, thinner and lighter in color than they used to be—luckily there are easy ways to fix your lashes fast for a more voluminous look.  

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The Ultimate Faux Lashes 
Instantly lengthen lashes with these easy-to-apply, lightweight falsies for a seamless fit. Not only will you have your longest lashes ever, but you’ll forget they’re even there. Revlon Lengthen Lashes With featherLITE Technology, $6, revlonlashes.com 

The Luxe Makeup Remover 
In addition to gently removing your makeup and moisturizing the eye area, this makeup remover has growth-activating peptides and hair-stimulating biotin to lengthen and fortify your lashes in just 15 days. Lierac Eye Make-up Remover, $24, lierac-usa.com 

The Lash Booster 
For a more natural look, try a different application method. Just swipe the bristles of this lash brush along the wand of your mascara to pick up the formula for seriously lush, clump-free lashes. MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush,  $20, maccosmetics.com

The Must-Have Mascara
Due to its secret weapon, the swan-neck wand, you can reach lashes from
corner to corner and root to tip. The result: Bigger and brighter eyes boasting perfectly fanned-out lashes that are budge-proof for 12 hours. Lancôme Grandiôse, $32, lancome.com 


The Eyelash Conditioner

Formulated with a signature BioPeptin Complex and natural botanicals, The RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner protects lashes from breakage and daily aggressors. Lashes are stregthened and moisturized for a younger and more luxurious appearance. $98, revitalash.com

The Solution That Fakes A Good Night’s Sleep
Do you feel like you get enough sleep but still suffer from tired-looking eyes? If so, your lashes could be to blame. “When patients come in to have dark circles, under-eye bags or even tired-looking eyes treated, I always emphasize the importance of eyelashes,” says New York oculoplastic surgeon Joseph Eviatar, MD. “Full, dark lashes frame the eyes and make eyelids look even better after a procedure.” His recommendation? “Latisse dramatically increases the length, width and darkness of your existing lashes and most patients are thrilled with their results.”