6 Foods That Cause Cellulite

Processed and fried foods, as well as sugars and white carbohydrates, act as toxins in the body, which may cause cellulite to form. Eating the right foods can help limit it.


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1. White Carbohydrates

“White carbs cause you to retain fluid for unknown reasons,” says Louisville, KY, plastic surgeon M. Bradley Calobrace, MD. “I tell patients to cut them out before and after any procedure to reduce the amount of fluids retained.”


2. Soda

The extra, useless calories in soda can get trapped in fat cells and cause them to swell, making cellulite more obvious.


3. Artificial Sweeteners

These low-calorie sugar substitutes cause a build-up of cellulite-causing toxins.


4. Processed Foods

Because of their high additive content, these foods result in toxins and internal inflammation, which can cause damage to surrounding tissues, blood vessels and the lymphatic system.


5. Alcohol

One side effect of drinking alcohol is that the body turns the extra calories into fat and causes the fat cells to swell in size.


6. Dairy

Dairy products contain enzymes that the body cannot fully break down.