NewBeauty’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Finding the right gift for the men in our lives can be challenging. We’ve compiled a bunch of our favorite men’s product picks to make shopping this holiday season a piece of (chocolate) cake. Flip through our selection of holiday gifts that you can buy for the special guys in your life. Trust us, they will be begging for more once they run out. For all the men out there who secretly use their wife’s face wash, this one’s for you.

Kiehl’s Greatest Hits Collection ($57 value) 

  • Tyler Jones
    Posted on

    Something about men's skin care regime! Now that is rare and something really unique! I like it. Thanks for sharing. Visit and this is the best hair salon in Atlanta that is dedicated to making you look your best.

  • Amy
    Posted on

    Thanks Claudio- You're the best! Going to get my man on a new skin care regimen for the new year!

  • Posted on

    Men's skin is completely different from a woman's. We have thicker and oily skin for the most part. Most men want a simple regimen - Of course I dont fall in that category but here are a few hints: 1 -Get a foaming cleanser for everyday use - One thats clear like shampoo - Most men will HATE your cream cleanser - Its not the best thing for their skin and doesnt leave it fresh and clean. 2- Antioxidants are very powerful and offer great benefits. Get one in the form of a serum thats easy to apply and gives a fresh feeling to the skin. I would recommend vitamin C . 3- Get a lotion as a moisturizer unless your man has very sensitive skin. Heavy creams are not made for men and clog the skin - Get one that has SPF of course - 4- A gentle scrub for occasional polishing - Do NOT get a harsh scrub that could damage their faces or one that is used for the body. You will be glad you did! Happy 2013!!!! :-)