14 Ways to Tweak Your Beauty Routine for Big Results

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14 Ways to Tweak Your Beauty Routine for Big Results featured image

As every woman knows, when the desire for change hits, it hits full force, so we can’t always blame ourselves for jumping to “solutions” like dramatic haircuts or products with hefty price tags as answers to what we want to see looking back at us in the mirror (we’ve all been there). But, it’s also important to realize that some of the biggest results can be found in the smallest of changes to your beauty routine (and some are even totally free!). Here, 14 game-changing tweaks we’ve already made in our own regimens that we can’t imagine living without. 

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Invest in a Tool

The price tag might sting for a second, but the results will speak—and pay—for themselves after one use. Brushes like the cult-classic Clarisonic and lesser-known (but just as impressive) Aura Clean System do an incredible job of deep-cleaning skin better than your fingers or muslin cloth ever could. Plus, some even have an extensive range of brush heads you can choose from depending on your skin type and chief concern in order to delete the problem ASAP.

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Add a Toner

If you’re a minimalist when it comes to your skin, adding an extra step may be a complete turn off, but hear us out. Toners, popular for their ability to remove traces of lingering dirt, oil and makeup and prep skin for the next products to come, can change your skin if you let them. And with a whole host of options to choose from (there are formulas for every skin type), there’s bound to be one that works for you. 

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Use a Shine Spray

Ever wonder why the Kardashians can rock the most sleek updos but whenever you try to pull off the same look, it just looks like you’re leaving the gym? Reach for a shine spray next time (every hairstylist’s must-have product) and watch the coveted look unfold before your eyes. 

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Learn to Waterline

We all want fuller lashes, but unless you’re a socialite or celebrity, using a new pair of falsies to get the look every morning is flat out unrealistic. Instead, try the easy-to-master trick of lining your top waterline with black eyeliner to instantly to deliver fuller lashes without even opening a tube of mascara. You’ll thank us later.

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Switch Up Your Formulas

If you’re usually a foaming cleanser gal, try an oil; if you like heavy creams, try a serum; if you usually stick to a heavy foundation, reach for a light-as-air cushion compact. Not only will changing up formulations keep you from getting bored of your routine, but different formulas also boast ingredients and benefits others can’t—like the serious moisturizing properties of an oil cleanser, for example, that often removes every drop of makeup better than your go-to wipe. 

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Rethink Your Order

You can be using all of the right products, but if you’re applying them in the wrong order, you could be taking a few steps backward without even knowing it. The general rule of thumb is applying your products by their thickness/weight—so, toner, serum, moisturizer, etc. in order to make sure each one is living up to its full potential and fully absorbing into your skin. 

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Curl Your Lashes

You’ll think your mascara reformulated itself in the tube after trying this trick once. Curling instantly lengthens your lashes, makes you look more awake and makes every mascara looks so much better. Find out which tool celebrity makeup artists can’t live without here

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Stick to a Schedule

Trying to fit in a sheet or traditional mask as often as possible is a great rule of thumb to stick by, but I personally treat my skin to one or two serious face masks every Sunday like it’s clockwork. When you stick to a schedule, it’s easier to remember to treat your skin to a hefty dose of much-needed TLC depending on what it’s craving that week. 

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Try Overnight Products

Skin’s moisture loss peaks at night and there are so many products tailored to working on your skin while you snooze, so there’s no reason not to try one. From masks to overnight peels, these innovative offerings work wonders to make you look like a sleeping beauty with glowing skin when you wake up—plus, it’s the easiest way to care for your skin (we can’t ask for more).

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Prime and Set 

To keep your foundation from slipping and eye shadow from creasing hours after you apply it, be sure to use a primer before you apply your makeup and set it with a finishing spray once you’ve completed your look. Even better, these products come in tailored-to-you formulas (think oil-controlling formulas and boasting anti-aging ingredients) to ensure your your skin is shine-free and beautiful for hours on end. 

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Watch Your Application 

Although we’ve been taught that rubbing products into our skin is the go-to way for applying, try tapping or pressing the products into your skin, instead. This way, circulation is stimulated simultaneously and no skin is tugged or pulled, making premature wrinkles and wasted product things of the past.

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Don’t Skip the Lip Liner

Lip liner—especially for long nights—is an absolute must-have. Instead of just, well, lining your lips, go one step further and fill in your entire pout with the color of your choice to ensure a bold (or subtle, depending on your color choice) lip that acts as a primer for your lipstick so it looks the same at midnight as it did when you applied it. For a flirty touch, fill your pout with liner and add a few dabs of sheer gloss to add a hint of sex appeal. 

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Try Dry Brushing

If you feel like lotion does nothing for you and your skin is always dehydrated, your usual exfoliation method might not be cutting it. Try using a dry brush instead, a time-tested solution for softer, smoother skin, to slough away dead skin better than any loofah or scrub could in the shower. The result: a closer shave, soft-as-silk legs and moisture that finally lasts throughout the day. 

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Think in Between the Sheets

From pillowcases to eye masks, the beauty arena has expanded long past the jar. And if you haven’t snatched up one of these high-tech must-haves, you’re missing out. These innovative formulas work overtime to deliver silkier strands to softened wrinkles all without touching an ounce of cream. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the P.M. products we have on heavy rotation. 

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