The Exact Glute Workout That Tones Shakira’s Butt

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As Shakira gears up for another world tour, she’s also kicked her workout routine up a notch. Her trainer, Anna Kaiser who also works with celebrities like Karlie Kloss, Kelly Ripa and Alicia Keys, shared some of the experience on Instagram, including a video of the exact glute workout the Colombian singer did.

“In less than two months, this mama is going to step on to that stage and blow your mind for almost 2hrs,” Kaiser wrote in the caption of an Instagram with her and Shakira. “So we are making sure that her strength and stamina are at their BEST.” According to Self, the Kariser spent two weeks in Spain training Shakira.

Instead of leaving us curious and uninformed, Kariser was quick to share an instructional video she shot with Time of the “exact workout exercise” she did with Shakira. It’s six different movements that work the glutes for a totally toned booty.

She starts with the passé lunge. For this move, Shakira keeps her left foot planted while the right lunges backward before coming back up and driving through, up toward her chest. After 16 reps with the right leg, she switches.

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Next, the songstress does 16 reps of knee repeaters. For this move, she keeps her left knee bent with the left hand planted right above her knee. With her right hand on the ground for balance, she steps her right leg back, moving it back and forth.

After that, she does 20 reps of a band kick. She starts by getting onto all fours and holding the front of a resistance band down with each hand. The center of the band is behind the arch of the left foot, which she then kicks straight and back until the leg is completely straight and brings it all the way back to underneath the hips.

The fourth move is 30 reps of a band pulse. It uses the same set up as the band kick, but instead of bringing the foot all the way back to underneath the hip, she just pulses it back and forth behind her, only bending the knee.

Next, Shakira does 20 reps of the abductor lift, which also uses a resistance band and is a bit more complicated. She holds one end of the resistance band with her right hand against the ground, while her right knee holds down the band about a foot away from her right hand. Leaning forward, she holds the other end of the band with her left hand against her left hip while her left leg is straight with the band around the arch of the foot, pulling it taut. Then, she just slightly lifts her her left leg in small up and down pulses.

Lastly, using the same exact position as abductor lift, Shakira does 10 reps of magic circles in both directions, moving in small circles.

Naturally, all of these moves are meant to be switched between both legs for full benefits. Not only are these moves great for the glutes, but they also work the core and lower body. This makes Shakira’s pre-tour workout the perfect at-home option for anyone.

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