Launch List: The Best New Beauty Products Launching in March

Launch List: The Best New Beauty Products Launching in March featured image
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Hundreds of products come across our editors’ desks every month, but not all of them deliver on their claims or live up to the hype. (Not everything that goes viral on TikTok is a miracle worker.) This is our exclusive curation of the best-in-class beauty products receiving rave reviews from our team and hitting shelves right now.

Our Favorite New Beauty Products This Month

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Being Frenshe Palo Santo Sage Eau de Parfum ($30)

Formulated with MoodScience Scent technology to help the wearer feel present and grounded, this new fragrance—a new format for the brand—smells like woody palo santo, fresh eucalyptus bark and rosewood. 

“We listen to our community at events and on our socials, and you wouldn’t believe how many people have been saying, ‘I love the existing products, but I really want this as a perfume,'” says founder Ashley Tisdale. “I’ve received tons of compliments while I’ve been wearing the lab sample, but I couldn’t talk about it. That was challenging because when I love something, I want to share it with people. So…now you know! I’m really proud that it is a clean formula, like all of Being Frenshe, and it’s made with upcycled cedarwood and essential oils to help you feel grounded. I spray it on my wrists in the morning and it wears beautifully throughout the day.”  

BUY NOW – $30

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Laneige Bouncy & Firm Sleeping Mask ($36)

We start losing the collagen in our skin around age 30, and that youthful bounce isn’t so easy to get back. This mask helps with its Peony Collagen Complex and peptides, which help firm and plump. We love the texture, which the brand describes as “sorbet-like,” as it just melts right into skin. Apply it before bed and let the 45,000 Hydro-Melt Glow Capsules work overnight to restore luminosity, too.

“Bouncy & Firm Sleeping Mask is a testament to LANEIGE’s constant innovation and expertise in sleep care,” says Sydney Sweeney, the brand’s global brand ambassador. “The formula is full of collagens and probiotic lysate that give you bouncier, plumper and firmer-looking skin while you sleep, and the texture is phenomenal. I’m so excited to be part of the new campaign as LANEIGE’s global ambassador and sharing this next generation of overnight sleeping masks with the rest of the world!”

BUY NOW – $36

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Huda Beauty FAUX FILLER Extra Shine Lip Gloss ($19)

Available in five shades that are new to the brand—Glassy (clear), Sugar Baby, Honey, Foxy, Bombshell, Posh, and Coco—this gloss is super shiny (think glass-like shine), but not sticky. This is thanks to moisturizing ingredients like vegan collagen and vitamin E.

“I’ve been loving lip cuffing for a while, and this gloss makes the technique extra fire,” says founder Huda Kattan. “I use Lip Contour 2.0 in Rich Brown to cuff the outer edges of the lips and blend it out. Then I link it with Warm Brown to line and define the lips and Cupid’s bow before setting with our Easy Bake Loose Setting Powder, so it lasts all day. Finally, I apply our FAUX FILLER Gloss in the shade ‘Glassy’ for the poutiest, juiciest lip combo!”

BUY NOW – $19

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Mane It’s Giving Body Medium Hot Round Brush (38MM; $98) and Large Hot Round Brush (45MM; $98)

Hot brushes are back in a big way right now, and celeb hairstylist Jen Atkins’ brand Mane has two new launches in the category. A salon-worthy blowout is now easier than ever to achieve at home. There are two sizes: the medium is great for “creating relaxed curls or picture-perfect bangs,” and the large is great for adding volume to your roots or giving your hair that big bounce. Also, some hot round brushes rip my hair out, but these are made with anti-tangle bristles that keep strands intact.

BUY NOW – $98

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Youth To The People Superfood Skin Drip Smooth + Glow Serum ($39)

If your skin is looking lackluster, add this serum to your routine. The silky, multitasking formula helps strengthen the skin barrier and even out a blotchy skin tone for a healthy glow. It’s fast-absorbing and super moisturizing, and plays well under moisturizer and/or foundation.

“Skin drip is an exciting next step for the Superfood franchise,” says Joe Cloyes and Greg Gonzalez, cofounders of Youth To The People. “It uses the same antioxidant-rich ingredients found in our superfood cleanser, and then is taken to the next level with peptides, niacinamide and postbiotics. It’s driven by science and it is one of most advanced formulas we have ever made. It’s the new go-to serum to strengthen the barrier, infuse hydration, and improve your skin smoothness and brightness. We think of it as the ultimate daily vitamin drip for your skin.“

BUY NOW – $39

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MakeUp Eraser Cooling Clouds Undereye Patches ($20)

This launch is one we’ve never seen: water-activated under-eye patches. You just wet the cloth patches, apply them under your eyes and then feel the cooling effect. This patented instant cooling technology (it’s called MISSION HydroActive) keeps the patches cool up to 30 degrees below body temperature, which helps de-puff after a night of rough sleep.

You don’t have to keep them in the fridge or freezer either to experience the cooling. It’s activated when you wet the patches and then wring them out (gently twist them). We also love the sustainable element, as the reusable factor reduces the need for disposable under-eye patches. According to the brand, they also last at least three times longer than reusable silicone eye patches. Just throw them in the included wash bag and then into your washing machine. So cool!

BUY NOW – $20

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V&Co. Wavy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner ($8 each)

A new family-owned brand on a mission to deliver ultra-efficacious hair products to the masses at accessible price points, V&Co. has something for everyone. (I’m partial to the Wavy collection for my hair personally.) The brand’s proprietary peptide blend combines peptides, amino acids, proteins, and vitamins with rice protein to keep wavy hair hydrated, frizz-free and voluminous without extra weight.

“At V&Co. Beauty, we truly love what we do, and the proof is in every bottle,” says cofounder Mike Redmond. “My dad, myself and the team learn from each other and are driven by the belief that when setting out with a lofty goal, like creating the very best hair-care product on the mass market. We are each other’s biggest advocates, and the result is a collection of never-done-before formulas whose results truly speak for themselves.”

BUY NOW – $8

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Solara Suncare Fortune Teller Brightening Serum with Microtint Technology SPF 30 ($64)

One of our favorite sunscreen serums (we’ve loved it since we first tried it in the summer of ’22 and we’re not surprised it’s been a best-seller since) is now newly improved with an innovative MicroTint technology. The “glow up” comes at the request of customers, who wanted “blendability without full coverage or tedious shade matching, while still getting their skin care and sun protection.” The formula comes in two sheer-tint shades that span all skin tones (MicroTint is incredibly flexible and adaptive).

It’s really hard to believe that the formula is purely mineral, made with 22-percent non-nano, non-coated zinc. There’s zero white cast and the gel-to-milk texture feels so good on the skin. If that weren’t enough, it also contains vitamin C to brighten skin as you protect it.

BUY NOW – $64

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Made by Dentists Sensitive + Whitening Professional Toothpaste ($7)

This new, minty toothpaste was created by dentists (hence the brand name), approved by the American Dental Association and housed in 100-percent recyclable packaging. It’s great for sensitive teeth thanks to the addition of 5-percent potassium nitrate, but also brightens with hydrogen peroxide.

According to the brand: “Your dentine is made of small hollow tubes called tubules. When you eat something hot or cold, this causes fluid in these tubules to move, and this triggers the nerve of your tooth to give a short, sharp pain. Potassium nitrate is a salt compound that works really well to occlude or block these tubules preventing the activation of the nerve of the tooth. Whitening ingredients may cause sensitivity, so combining a whitening ingredient with a desensitizing ingredient works amazingly to brighten your teeth without causing sensitivity. Remember not to rinse after brushing, as you will rinse all of the active ingredients off your teeth. Just spit out the excess paste.”

BUY NOW – $7

made by dentists toothpaste
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Nutrafol Clear Skin Neutraceutical ($88)

A daily, vegan supplement for women age 18 and older with mild-to-moderate acne (non-cystic), these capsules contain a clinically tested formula that’s 100-percent drug-free. A different take on acne “medication,” it also addresses things like stress levels, metabolism, hormonal fluctuations, the gut and skin microbiome, and immune system function. It’s a smart, multifunctional approach, as all of these things can contribute to acne.

The skin-care benefits go beyond reduced pimples: post-acne dark spots are lightened, too; oil production is balanced; and skin hydration is improved. In clinical testing, users saw these results within 12 weeks.

BUY NOW – $88

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Makeup by Mario Master Mattes Eyeshadow Palette: The Neutrals ($50, launching March 7)

Founder and celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic’s “modern, elevated take on neutrals inspired by the 90s,” this palette was designed to shape, sculpt and enhance both the eyes and brows. The 12 matte, buildable shades offer both warm and cool tones to suit every skin tone. It’s the perfect palette for a daytime look (the shadows will last all day), or add a little dimension to the crease or corners to transition it to nighttime.

“Master Mattes The Neutrals is the new, timeless color story and the sister to the iconic Master Mattes Original Palette,” says Dedivanovic.

BUY NOW – $50

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Obagi Medical Daily Hydro-Drops Rejuvenating Eye Gel Cream ($75)

There’s long been a debate of whether or not an eye cream is really necessary, but if eye issues are a concern, this multitasking formula has the clinicals to back it up. First, hydrating benefits, with 100 percent of participants reporting immediate improvements in hydration (and it lasts 24 hours). Second, less puffiness: After one week of use, 89 percent of people agreed their under-eye area looked less crepey and saggy.

And lastly, an instant brightening effect courtesy of light-reflecting properties and tuberose. Plus, we love the cooling applicator, which feels so good on puffy eyes after a night of poor sleep.

BUY NOW – $75

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Nu Skin RenuSpa iO ($375)

Using unique adaptive microcurrent technology, this new device continuously adapts to your skin’s conductivity to provide a nice massage with toning and firming benefits. In a 12-week study, the device reduced the appearance of dimpled skin on the upper thighs and abdomen. Participants also noted improvements in the appearance of their skin’s firmness, smoothness and contour.

“This is a smart, FDA-cleared body device that provides both beauty and wellness benefits to help restore, revitalize and refresh your body through skin stimulation,” says Yoko Little, VP of product marketing for Nu Skin. “The device uses adaptive microcurrent technology that continuously adapts—more than 80 times per second—to your skin’s conductivity throughout each session. The patent-pending design of the metallic nodes on the device perfectly fit the contours of your body to provide a smooth, comfortable massage. You can also pair the device with a connected app for guided tutorials, usage tracking and livestream data insights.”

BUY NOW – $375

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Color Wow Money Mist ($29)

First let me just say I am thrilled that the brand chose to do a leave-in conditioner for the next launch in the incredible Money franchise. The Mask was a 2023 NewBeauty Award Winner and is an editor favorite, so the expectations for this were high, and it delivers.

It’s super lightweight but a heavy-hitter when it comes to detangling power. It also has heat- and UV-protectant properties as well, making it a great blow-dry primer and/or product to throw in your beach bag. “This is not like any other leave-in!” says Color Wow global creative director and celebrity stylist Chris Appleton. “I use this on every client. It instantly transforms any head of hair, no matter whether it’s fine hair, color-treated, curly or textured. The hair instantly looks stronger root to tip! Luxe, glossy results for every hair type! It’s a game changer.”

BUY NOW – $29

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PCA SKIN HydraBright ($100)

Hydrate and brighten simultaneously with this super silky moisturizer from the brand so many derms and plastic surgeons love. Squalane, niacinamide and bio-stable gallic acid team up to smooth dry, rough spots and give stressed skin a new lease on life.

“Hyperpigmentation is the number-two skin concern after aging, affecting 1 in 3 adults,” says Heidi Bergeron, director of brand marketing. “Our brand-new innovation is an at-home moisturizer specifically designed to address dullness and deliver a brighter complexion. HydraBright uses deeply hydrating squalane alongside a trio of brightening actives to deliver immediate hydrating, smooth texture and even skin tone. We’ve seen incredible results in as early as 21 days of use.”

BUY NOW – $100

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Cocokind Ceramide Body Oil Stick ($20)

Dubbed a “mess-free moisturizer stick,” this solid skin softener is a must-have for dry spots from the neck down. It’s fragrance-free, clinically tested for sensitive skin, and so easy to use. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the feeling of hand cream all over your hands, this stick can quench just the dry spots with no greasy finish.

It’s chock-full of barrier-repairing ceramides, squalane and shea butter. I love it for the elbows, backs of the arms (KP bumps) and tops of the feet too.

BUY NOW – $20

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Westman Atelier Lip Suede Matte Lipstick ($50)

This is one dreamy matte lipstick. It’s so light and airy on the lips, but the pigment packs a punch, and it doesn’t accentuate lip lines. This is thanks to the brand’s Hydro Suede technology, which is “a volumizing, moisture-locking system.” Plus, the packaging is refillable (and has a mirror in the cap), so you can easily swap shades from season to season with less environmental impact.

“This lipstick is the perfect balancing act, with a matte yet hydrating finish and vivid payoff yet airy texture,” says founder and celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman. “Plus, it’s full of clean ingredients that nourish. The result is a super refined formula that pulls any look together.”

BUY NOW – $50

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Seaweed Bath Co. Invisible Mineral SPF 50 ($30)

One of five new sunscreens from the brand, this fragrance-free formula is my favorite. It’s a 100-percent zinc oxide SPF gel-cream that feels like nothing on my skin and the white cast disappears after I rub it in. The brand says it also doubles as a smoothing makeup primer.

“Reducing the negative association of mineral sunscreens was our main focus when formulating our skin-first SPF line,” says Allison Grossman, brand cofounder. “In addition to protecting skin from harmful UV rays and environmental stressors, Invisible Mineral includes rainbow seaweed to brighten the complexion, and bisabolol to calm skin.”

BUY NOW – $30

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Versed PRESS RESTART Advanced Retinol Body Butter ($22)

We love Versed’s retinol franchise, and apparently everyone else does too: One product from the collection (the Serum, Body Lotion or Eye Balm) sells approximately every minute around the world. This rich body butter is the latest addition, and another winner. Encapsulated retinol and peptides work together with moisturizing cocoa and tucuma butters to moisturize skin and minimize signs of aging simultaneously.

In an eight-week consumer perception trial with people age 25 to 65, 94 percent agreed their skin felt firmer, and 100 percent agreed their skin felt more supple. All testers also noticed an improvement in the overall appearance of their skin.

BUY NOW – $22

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Moroccanoil Frizz Control Shampoo ($26)

It’s that time of year again: A few days of warmer weather and my hair is already frizzing. This shampoo (there’s also a conditioner) really makes a difference in the smoothing department, relying on argan oil and other botanicals to keep strands sleek.

Jackfruit extract is another star ingredient, and is sustainably upcycled from inedible jackfruit waste. It’s very hydrating for the hair (to help bolster frizz defense), but doesn’t add unwanted weight. In an independent lab study, the shampoo and conditioner combo provided frizz control for up to 72 hours.

BUY NOW – $26

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