This New Treatment Gives Eyes a ‘Lift’ Without Surgery

This New Treatment Gives Eyes a ‘Lift’ Without Surgery featured image
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There’s nothing like a surgical eyelift to get that “wide awake” look, but the process can be quite time-consuming, costly, and require some serious downtime a lot of us can’t afford. So when I heard about Guinot’s version of an “eyelift” that’s noninvasive and super quick—it takes just 25 minutes—I had to give it a try. 

When I met with Mimi Calvo, East Coast Training Director at Guinot, for a treatment at their Fifth Avenue location, a number of questions were running through my head. Without further ado, read on for everything you need to know about the microcurrent eye treatment.

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What makes the Guinot Eye Treatment different?
Besides the fact that it’s noninvasive, what’s unique about this lift is that it uses Guinot’s newest Hydraderm Vital Energy machine, which launched in September 2019. Red and white with a mini computer screen and notably two rollers with metal heads (for molecular energy using dynamic ionization), the futuristic machine looks like something out of The Jetsons. The rollers switch between positive and negative polarity to stimulate the eye muscles to give it that “lift”—like a workout for your eye area, if you will. 

What are the treatment steps?
I laid down on the spa bed without having to change my clothes since the treatment focused mainly on my eye area. Although I don’t currently have wrinkles, my eyes are fatigued from excess computer blue light and not enough sleep (still working on it!). My slight under-eye circles could use help, too, adding another reason why I was curious about this treatment. The process started with a soothing massage for lymphatic drainage. Calvo notes that as we grow older, our cells don’t regenerate as much—there’s also a decrease in collagen and elastin fiber production—so adding a bit of action around the eye area is helpful to stimulate blood circulation.

Following, the roller electrodes were used on my right eye. It didn’t hurt, but I felt an electric tingle while the positive and negative polarity was doing its thing. You might even feel an uplift in your scalp because it hits the nerves there as well. After having one eye done, I looked in the mirror to compare and saw a subtle—but noticeable—rise in my right brow. 

Now, onto the left eye. Surprisingly, the sensation was heightened this time around. So much that I was imagining little lightning bolts around me like a cartoon animation. “You’ll feel it less on the side you sleep on,” said Calvo. “Think about it: you’re putting all the pressure on that side every day and dulling the senses.” 

The last step consisted of a mask to rejuvenate and tighten the skin. The shape of it was like a masquerade mask, only with a longer strip upwards between the brows. Although the second step doesn’t focus on combating under-eye circles, the ingredients in this mask do, in addition to reducing puffiness. It felt soothing for sure and I wished the treatment lasted longer. 

How long does it take to see results?
It’s quick—the results are immediate. I looked in the mirror a second time with both eyes done and had the same thought after getting my previous lash lift: I didn’t look dramatically different, but definitely seemed more awake with brighter eyes. It was as if I magically snoozed for eight-plus hours within the 25-minute treatment. The process can be done during a lunch break and, best of all, there’s no downtime like a traditional eyelift. If you’re aiming for an extra bit of pep before a big event, you can even do it the same day. 

How often should this type of microcurrent treatment be done?
The initial treatment lasts up to a week, although the effects of mine gradually went back to normal after about five days (it’s different for everyone). “What we recommend is to get one treatment a week for three weeks,” says Calvo. “And then once a month after so the results are cumulative. The more you do, the longer it lasts, and the better the results.” Oh and safety tip: remember to remove any contact lenses before the treatment or wear glasses to easily take off, if needed, during the day of.

Is it worth it?
Although it’s somewhat of a splurge ringing in at $110 per treatment, the results of Guinot’s eye treatment speak for itself. This option is a temporary high (pun intended) that can get you results fast and pain-free. Win-win.

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