Which Cleanse is Right for You?

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Feeling sluggish, dull, and out of touch? Maybe you should try a cleanse. Many cleanses can help you clear out toxins and increase energy. But, with all the cleanses out there, it gets a little confusing. If you’re not sure which is right for you take this quiz that we borrowed from The Juice Cleanse Reset Diet, by Lori Kenyon Farley and Marra St. Clair.  

Do you exercise?

A. I work out three to five times a week
B. I fit in workouts intermittently, when my schedule allows, at least once or twice a week.
C. I don’t work out, but my job and life keep me pretty active.
D. I lead a very sedentary lifestyle.

How many times do you drink alcohol per week?

A. I don’t drink alcohol.
B. Only on special occasions.
C. I try to limit my drinking to the weekends rather than during the week.
D. I have a couple of drinks most evening dinner.

How often do you drink water?

A. I’m never without it.
B. I have a couple of glasses a day.
C. Once in a while, but I perfer other drinks.
D. Almost never, only when I don’t have other choices.

How do you eat sweets like cookies, candy, or pastries?

A. I never eat sugar.
B. On special occasions.
C. Once or twice a week.
D. At least once a day.

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?

A. I never drink coffee.
B. Two or three times a week.
C. I have one cup of coffee every morning.
D. Several throughout the day.

How do you feel about your current weight?

A. I am at or within five pounds of my ideal weight.
B. I can’t seem to lose that last ten pounds.
C. I seem to struggle and yo-yo with a twenty-pound swing.
D. I am 30 or more pounds overweight.

How often do you eat fruits and veggies?

A. Neverly every meal includes fruit or vegetables.
B. I eat some type of fruit or vegetable pretty much every day.
C. I rarely eat fruit or vegetables.
D. I just don’t like vegetables.

How often do you consume sodas (including diet) and energy drinks?

A. Never.
B. Once in a while, as a treat.
C. One every day.
D. More than two everyday.

To score, add up the number of A, B, C and D answers. If you have:

Mostly A’s, you are type 1
Mostly B’s, you are type 2
Mostly C’s, you are type 3
Mostly D’s, you are type 4

Type 1: You are the health enthusiast who has gotten off track and needs to reset to your normal healthy eating. For you, the Juice Cleanse Diet will be more about resetting your taste buds and your attitude

Type 2: You are the weekend warrior who tends to eat well during the week and indulge on the weekend, but you need to reset to make more consistently healthy choices.

Type 3: You are the average person eating the standard American diet (SAD), which is a diet high in processed food and animal fats, and low in fiber, complex carbohydrates and plant-based foods…You will want to reset your attitude, energy level, taste buds and digestive system, and perhaps your weight and beauty as well.

Type 4: You are the junk-food junkie who needs to completely overhaul your diet and reset for a healthier life. You will find that you may need to reset your attitude, energy level, metabolism, taste buds, digestive system, beauty, and weight.

You can take the full quiz in The Juice Cleanse Reset Diet. For information about buying the book (and for a cleanse that suits your needs) go to RitualCleanse.com

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