Keep Eyebrows Looking Great Between Appointments

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Nothing makes you feel as fierce as on-point eyebrows. Models have made names for themselves on them and actresses make headlines for them (Brooke Shields, anyone?). When you walk out of your monthly brow appointment, you feel like a star. 

These tiny features have a huge impact on our facial feelings. Miss an appointment and inevitably the internal Sasquatch comments begin. Finding stragglers in the weeks leading up to your appointment means hauling out the magnifying mirror and tweezing until your forehead can’t take it anymore. But brow guru Joey Healy says it doesn’t have to be that way. “Don’t judge yourself too harshly,” he says. “Other people aren’t paying attention to your brows like you are.”

With that sigh-of-relief-inducing wisdom, Healy offers up his top tips for maintaining your brows between appointments. (Hint: Get ready to say good-bye to your magnifying mirror!) 

Establish a Perimeter
Healy says that while your eyebrow professional keeps your brows confined to an extremely tight space, you shouldn’t feel the pressure to do the same. They are, after all, professionals, so don’t try their tricks at home. Instead, give yourself a wider perimeter in which to work. When it comes to brow maintenance, Healy says to use the dead center of your face, forehead, eyelids and temple as a guide. “You won’t get into major trouble if you keep things in that perimeter,” he says. He also makes sure to point out the difference between the forehead and the brow bone. “Your brows have to be on your brow bone. I tell clients to feel that ridge with their hands. You don’t want hair above or below that. 

What’s the Definition?
If you’re still scared to tweeze without supervision, Healy suggests using product to hide your strays. Using a highlighter just under the brow bone defines the brows and hides any stragglers. Similarly, a dusting powder on your brows can emphasize and draw attention to the area rather than to the stragglers around it. “When you see a professional to get your brows done, you’re getting definition,” he explains. “Using a product above or below the area creates definition.” Healy recommends his own High Rise Creamy Highliter ($30) and Luxe Brow Powder ($28).

Snip, Style or Sculpt
Healy says giving brows a quick snip can make all the difference, but don’t go overboard. Brush the brows up and trim an eighth of an inch or less off to maintain. Anything more and you might have an emergency on your hands. If that sounds scary, a clear brow gel can make your wayward hairs more obedient. Using the gel, sweep the hair up into a 45-degree angle for an instant brow makeover.

Don’t Magnify the Problem
“Don’t pull out your magnifying mirror and stare at your brows; you’ll drive yourself crazy,” he says. “Stand an arm’s length from a regular mirror, because that’s how people see you.” He is also quick to remind clients the important of keeping calm. “Don’t overdo it or you’ll waste all the time and money you spent with your professional.” And, don’t give in to the temptation of stopping into your neighborhood multiuse salon just because it’s close and you’re in a panic. “Avoid the temptation of going someplace out of convenience and not out of trust,” he says. “You will set yourself back and dig your hole deeper. Just take a breather; it’s going to be OK.”

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