How to Treat Acne at Home

Whether it's mild or severe, or if you're a teenager or an adult, acne can be a major annoyance. Not surprisingly, it's one of the main skin issues that celebrity aesthetician Gina Marí says her clients complain about. That's why we asked her to take a break from her Beverly Hills, CA, office and share some of her best acne-solving tips. You'll be surprised that many of them are simple to follow and will help get your skin back in shape in about six weeks. Watch the video to see what she says and which ingredients featured in brands like Clearogen, Murad and Ayur-Medic will clear up your skin.

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  • Claudio Pinto
    Posted on

    There are so very many acne options and treatments that anyone can become overwhelmed. The key is to FIRST seek a professional. I know its tempting to just go to your department store and grab products off the shelf. You will save a lot of money and headache by seeing a professional who can recommend the proper treatment for you. DO NOT listen to your friend Sally who purchased brand A on TV at 2am. NOT every acne or every skin condition is the same. Now since Acne has been around for so long and there are so very many different types and severities we do have a lot of products and options to treat. There are many topical products over the counter as well as prescription that can control and correct the condition. Do NOT medicate yourself with trying too many things that might worsen the condition. Seek professional help and make sure to ALWAYS use SPF no matter what! And be ready to say hello to clear skin! :-)