Chin Augmentation: The Key To A Perfect Jawline

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Pop Quiz: What's the fastest growing cosmetic enhancement among all major demographics? (No cheating!)

A) Breast augmentation

B) Injectables

C) Liposuction

D) Chin augmentation

Give up? If you guessed any of the answers other than "D" you are wrong. Surprisingly, chin surgery grew more than all three of the other categories combined last year according to recent stats from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). So what's causing this surgery to skyrocket? Experts guess it is a combination sparked by increased usage of video chat technology, an aging baby boomer population and a desire for success in the workplace. Chin implants can a weak jawline, and for those with too much prominence, and chin reduction can restore balance to the facial features. 

The chin, while you might not think it at first, actually makes a big difference in the overall look of the face. We can clearly see how this feature effects Ashlee Simpson's face

Scroll through this gallery to get more information on how to get a perfect chin and see who we think have some of the best jawlines in the business.


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Angelina Jolie has a near-perfect profile thanks to her strong and defined jowl-less jawline—an area for aging celebrities, and regular women alike, that tends to be troublesome.

In terms of volume, the lower third of the face is prone to age-related accumulation of fat. "The lower third of the face and the underside of the chin tend to be a bone of contention for most of my mature clients. This area, due to gravity and genetics, has a tendency to fall faster than other parts of the face," says celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson.

Jowls, the unsightly result of sagging skin can be alleviated by strategically adding volume. A filler like Radiesse or your own fat can help contour the jawline and create a more chiseled, youthful look if performed correctly.


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Christina Hendricks, known mostly for her killer curves, actually has fantastic proportion to her face. Her strong cheekbones and defined, dimpled chin give her face an almost regal look.

Cleft chins come in a variety of shapes—including vertical furrows, Y-shaped furrows, and round dimples—with some indentations mores subtle than others. While chin dimples are often associated with beauty, some women that don't like the look can have it corrected. Chin dimple removal can be done, but it's important to know it is not a one-size-fits all solution. Currently there are no readily available FDA-approved fillers for this procedure, but a board-certified facial plastic surgeon can discuss other options that might work.


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Sienna Miller has a perfectly oval face thanks to a strong chin and jawline. If you have a recessed chin, a chin implant is a an option to add length to the face. What kind should you get?

"I prefer solid Silastic (silicone) implants as they are smooth and well tolerated. All implants have a very small risk of infection; however, if this unfortunate circumstance happens, Silastic implants are easy to remove and replace unlike other varieties," says Colleyville, TX, facial plastic surgeon Yardo Ducic, MD.


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Bristol Palin, daughter of politician Sarah Palin, stunned the public recently with a much more prominent chin seemingly overnight. Whether she had an augmentation done or not, you can get similar results via liposuction of the area, using a chin implant, and/or a neck lift.


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A youthful face that doesn't look "done," encompasses balanced features that are proportionate to one another. See how Emmy Rossum's nose and chin are along the same plane. If you do opt for a chin implant, you want to make sure it looks as natural as possible. "The goal of plastic surgery is to improve the face, not manipulate it in search of perfection," says West Palm Beach, FL, facial plastic surgeon Mark Murphy, MD. "Balance and proportion need to be adhered to."


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If you are after a more heart-shaped face like Alice Eve's, sometimes cheek augmentation or fat injections into the cheeks can help balance out a prominent chin.



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While many are after more prominent chins, some women might want to reduce the size of their chin, but large chins are often helpful to create balance.

Jessica Chastain, for instance, who has a wide, square jawline and a slight cleft in her chin, also has a long nose. It's actually her prominent chin which helps to keep all these features in proportion as her nose might appear larger on a face with a smaller chin.


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If you do want to reduce the size of your chin and obtain tinier features like those of Katie Holmes, a chin reduction may be performed to remove some of the bone. However, "There is a limit of how much bone may be removed with this method so it is best for a small amount of desired change," says San Francisco facial plastic surgeon David W. Kim, MD.


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There are certain things you want to avoid when having plastic surgery done on your face. The typically the rule of thumb is "less is more." Heidi Montag is an unfortunate case of too much done to too many areas of the face. There is a very delicate balance that needs to be struck. Too much work often give the appearance of a more masculine face.

"When working with women, it's important to try to use the smallest chin implant possible to achieve the most feminine results," says Bakersfield, CA, facial plastic surgeon Edmund Fisher, MD.