Why 60 Is The New Sexy

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Eternal youth—or at least a youthful look—is something most women strive for. Keeping skin looking soft, supple and line-free is the key to aging gracefully. Just look some of the glamorous and stunningly beautiful celebrities who have stayed lovely over the years—Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon and Jane Seymour, who all prove that aging beyond 60 represents an extension of their beauty, rather than the end of it.

“Nothing replaces good genes, which dictate how we age,” says La Jolla, CA, plastic surgeon Robert Singer, MD. “But good surgery can dramatically improve aging.”

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren symbolizes timeless beauty. The 66-year-old stunner is considered to have one of the best bodies—and faces—in Hollywood. “Thanks to the advancements in surgical and noninvasive procedures and individual dedication, like that of Ms. Mirren, age can actually be less of a concern when striving to achieve our personal best,” says Dr. Singer.


Goldie Hawn has the cheeks and complexion of someone far younger than her years, and you can aim for that too with a procedure known as a “liquid lift,” a series of well-placed fillers and injectables that can help turn back the clock. Of course, choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist is essential in getting great results. “Injectables and fillers are an art form,” says Scottsdale, AZ, facial plastic surgeon Kelly V. Bomer, MD.

Here’s how strategically placed injections can improve different areas of the face:

Forehead: Botox, an injectable that immobilizes the muscles, can create a nice, even forehead with softened lines.

Cheeks: With age, our cheeks lose volume, but injecting the filler Perlane can help give definition and plump up flat cheeks.

Chin: Augmenting the chin with the filler Radiesse can make it look stronger and diminish the shadows that develop around the corners of the mouth.

Undereye: Perlane can be used in the tear troughs, too, to remove shadows under the eyes that make you look tired and aged.


Want to know a secret to aging gracefully like actress Jane Seymour? Celebrity aesthetician Nerida Joy says Jane's beautiful skin is all about regimen. "You can tell she’s diligent about her routine,” Joy says. Jane also uses Natural Advantage (a skin-care line that the celebrity helped develop), which stimulates collagen production and ups cell turnover.

In addition to a consistent skin-care routine, there are treatments that can help reverse aging signs on your skin. It may seem counter-intuitive, but injuring the skin will improve its texture, which is exactly the concept behind fractional resurfacing. Fractional lasers give way to smoother, more even-looking skin by inciting new collagen production when specific areas are “wounded.”

The laser creates thousands of minuscule columns, removing damaged surface cells and penetrating down to the dermis to stimulate and remodel collagen. Because only certain areas are affected, the surrounding skin that is left intact helps with healing overall. The result: more youthful skin that won’t give away your age.

Pro: Typical results last three to five years, and even longer if you take proper care of your skin.

Con: Three to five treatments are needed for optimal results, each with a downtime of two to three days.


Regular maintenance and taking diligent care of your skin (especially wearing sunscreen) will keep it looking radiant for years, and these seem to be tips that smooth-skinned actress Susan Sarandon practices regularly. Occasional in-office treatments, like chemical peels, will help rejuvenate the skin and reveal a more youthful complexion.

A light- to medium-strength chemical peel is the treatment de rigueur to specifically address hyperpigmentation, fine lines, rough texture and dull-looking skin. Peeling agents, such as alphahydroxy, betahydroxy and salicylic acids, glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, retinoic acid and trichloroacetic acid, can be done every few months and deliver somewhat dramatic results within a few days.


Full, glowing cheeks are the essence of a youthful face, like that of actress Jaclyn Smith. One way to help cheeks that have lost their oomph is to have your own fat transferred from one area of your body (like your butt or thighs) and injected into the cheek area. “While it may take several treatments to get optimal results, the results are more permanent, which some patients prefer,” says Plano, TX, facial plastic surgeon D.J. Verret, MD.

Pro: Because it’s your own fat tissue, your body will not reject it.

Con: The results of fat injection can, at times, be unpredictable.


A sure sign of advancing age is eyelids that droop, creating a hooded, tired look. Blepharoplasty is a surgery that can be performed on the upper and lower eyelids to reposition fat and tissue to create wider, brighter eyes like the stunning actress Morgan Fairchild.

Having this surgery done early on allows you to age from a different starting point from where you would naturally be. “It’s not uncommon for a women in her mid-to late-30s to come in seeking eye rejuvenation—there’s usually some sort of genetic component as to why,” says New York facial plastic surgeon Jon Turk, MD.


All My Children beauty Susan Lucci seems to have barely aged through the years. While we’ve watched her character, Erica Kane, cycle through 10 marriages since 1970, Susan’s allure has remained constant.

“Small anti-aging procedures—probably like a mini-facial and Restylane and Botox injections—keep her looking young and natural,” says Troy, MI, plastic surgeon Anthony Youn, MD.

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    Mick Jagger, Bette Middler, Cher, Betsey Johnson, David, Bowie, Paul McCartney,Jaqueline Bissette, Jane Fonda Springstein•• We grew up in one of the coolest eras ever. True cool & true class; one doesn't loose them w/ age. We'll see how long the current young hotties do but if you really think about it no other generation has had such stayig cool power=sexy. Artists etc of the 40's definately were up there too as far aa sexy goes! Sophia Loren's stillgot it. Look at Christopher Plumber who won a Tony last Summer. What a handsome, class act he still is. Having & continuing to have a great sense of humor & not loosing interest in new things. 60, just the beginning if you have the right attitude! When younger people compliment me I say "and people like me have friends. Some of the best advice I ever got; I had put on some weight & a male friend told me to never firget I was sexxy. It works! I'm now in a wheelchair do to complications from hip surgery. My friend Santi told me if it didn't bother me it wouldn't anyone else. Sure it bothers me. I miss dancing,walking,etc.but once I got back out there men didn't find me any less attractive. I think the American advertising with it's uber young , thin brainwashing has finally become passe'. T.hats done alot, people with the right kind of grown up attitudes & depth have alwatys known what's truly meaningful. Men, people in general who aren't adults, who don't take responsibility fortheir actions have never piqued my interest. The right kind of life experience just makes people fascinating not old. It swems that you're defining it by youthful looks. It's important to take care of yourself at any age but true sexiness just as true b eauty come from within! To define 60 as being the new sexy simply by youthful looks diminishes it I. I think the French & the Italians have always understood that much better. If you define it ike that it puts us back in the dark ages