The Most Sought-After Celebrity Noses

They’ve been called everything from cute to regal, yet while they may not get the attention that’s bestowed upon other body parts, well-formed noses can really keep the shape of the face in proportion while not distracting from other features. Anyone born with a less-than-perfect nose—whether it's large, crooked, droopy or generally misshapen—knows how it can really affect self-esteem and throw off the overall balance of the face.

If you can’t picture how your own nose would look new and improved, take a look through these photos to see some of the noses that are often requested in plastic surgeons’ offices, like that of perfectly proportioned Nicole Kidman.


Halle Berry

Women still continue to request a nose that looks like Halle’s. New York facial plastic surgeon Jon B. Turk, MD, says it’s her strong profile with a tip that preserves her ethnicity while remaining soft and elegant that makes her nose so in demand. “Her nose is also less angular and more contemporary in that it looks very natural.”


Natalie Portman

It should come as no surprise that Natalie's nose tops the list of most-requsted celebrity noses for women. “Your nose is one of the first things people see when they look at your face, and it is very important to overall facial balance,” says Syracuse, NY, facial plastic surgeon Robert M. Kellman, MD. “A well-done rhinoplasty can subtly enhance your features and restore facial harmony.”


Kate Middleton

Kate's proportionate nose is near perfect with its straight straight structure and rounded tip. Reasons for rhinoplasty (nose job) vary by age and gender, with men most often seeking hump reduction, and women most often looking for tip refinement. Common nasal concerns include a nose that's too long or big, crooked or twisted, out of balance or thick tipped.


Kate Beckinsale

Kate has a perfectly angled nose free of any bumps or irregularities. Bumps occur when cartilage is uneven and causes the bridge of the nose to look high in a particular area and prevents a smooth transition from one area of the nose to the next. “The nose looks like it starts wherever the bump is, which is often halfway down the nose,” says New York facial plastic surgeon Minas Constantinides, MD. Cartilage that creates bumps can be removed surgically and the bone can be left intact if the bump is not too severe.


Adriana Lima

According to Dr. Turk, the tip of Adriana’s nose is often requested. “Patients love the shape, width and definition of her nose,” he says. “Her tip is symmetrical and slightly separated and the highlights and shadows are all in the right place.” Despite the desire, Dr. Turk warns that a narrow, natural-looking tip like Adriana's isn’t always easy to achieve.


Angelina Jolie

There's no better way to top those enviable lips than with a perfectly rotated nose that blends seamlessly with the rest of Angelina's face. Before moving forward with surgery, your plastic surgeon will likely show you a digital image that illustrates what the changes will look like and how different your new nose could look. The ultimate goal should be to create symmetry in your face rather than making any feature overly prominent so that it competes with others.


Jessica Alba

Makeup can do wonders to play down any slight imperfections, such as a moderately wide nose. Contouring along the side and highlighting across the bridge can help create a smaller-looking nose like Jessica's. If your nose is wide, apply a darker shade to the entire length of your nose on both sides. Then, draw attention to your bridge by applying a lighter color down the center.


Scarlett Johansson

If you have a low bridge that resembles a ski slope, you lack the full structure of a nose like Scarlett's. A nonsurgical “nose job” performed by injecting fillers into the nose can fill in the depressed parts to create a more balanced appearance. Although you’ll require repeat injections to keep up the results, they can give you a preview of the permanent results you’ll get from a nose surgery.


Ivanka Trump

The secret to Ivanka's pretty nose? A demure tip and zero nostril flare. Perfecting wide nostrils is a less-severe surgical procedure because it does not involve the bone, however, to make the nostrils smaller, portions of the surrounding tissue are removed through incisions beneath and inside the nose so there are no obvious scars. While nostril shape varies by ethnicity, the nostrils should be symmetrical on the left and right sides.


Jessica Biel

Jessica has a strong and straight nose that doesn’t distract from her green eyes and full lips. While most of us have a bit of asymmetry in our faces, a crooked nose can really accentuate them. In addition, a crooked nose can cause breathing problems. Whether from a deviated septum or an injury resulting in broken bone, a crooked nose can be straightened and reduced in size by moving the bones into a better position.


Charlize Theron

Charlize has a lovely nose with just the right amount of volume at the tip. Repairing an overly bulbous nose tip, which can look as if it has a ball at the end, is considered one of the most challenging cosmetic nose surgeries because “the skin may or may not take the new shape, making it hard to anticipate the final result,” says St. Augustine, FL, facial plastic surgeon Deirdre Leake, MD. When performing this difficult surgery, the plastic surgeon either narrows the cartilage or actually adds more cartilage for support and better definition.


Emma Stone

A physicians group in Britain recently revealed that the nose of actress Emma Stone is at the top of the list for patients requesting a renewed nose. One reason? The perfect upturn of the tip. The key to getting Emma's nose is to ensure that there isn’t too much nostril showing. The nose job to fix this may require strengthening of the ligaments and fixing the tip by adding, removing or reconfiguring the cartilage. But, no two noses are the same. “It depends on the patient’s cartilage and skin,” says Dr. Leake.


Jennifer Lawrence

The key to achieving good results with rhinoplasty is to have realistic expectations—some celebrity noses just can’t be replicated if your bone structure and features aren’t similar. If you like the look of a slightly less narrow and angular nose, Jennifer is one to look to for inspiration. “Her nose is a good one to emulate because it’s realistically attainable for many patients,” says Dr. Turk. 


Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian nose is in high demand. Chicago plastic surgeon Julius Few, MD, says the tip of Kim’s nose is full, but not too full, and her nostrils have a slight flare to them without being pinched.” If you’re considering a nose job, make sure you only trust your face to a board-certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon and always communicate your expectations for the most realistic outcome.