How To Lose Weight Like A Celebrity

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Celebrities are constantly in the public eye and one look at a tabloid will tell you we are as invested in their waistlines as we are in their love lives. We have watched many a star gain and lose. Some have done it well, and some, er, not so well.

Many celebs famously embrace professional weight-loss programs, as actress/singer Jennifer Hudson did with Weight Watchers. You can’t argue with those results.

Check out this gallery of celebrities who have lost weight the right way and get tips on how to shed some pounds yourself.


To be a role model to her clients, Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger certainly got her weight under control, losing 30 pounds on the Sensa Weight Loss System, while still maintaining great curves.

Slow and steady wins the race 

The goal of dieting is to lose weight. But the key to doing it correctly is to do it steadily; shedding pounds too quickly results in too much fat loss, which actually, can accelerate the signs of aging.

“Losing too much weight in the face accelerates aging because fat is lost in the central parts of the face, the deep parts of the cheek and the storage compartments. When this fat is gone, there’s no foundation, and the structure begins to collapse,” says Dallas plastic surgeon Joel Pessa, MD.

Patti’s advice

“Focus on what’s most important in your life. If weight-loss is one of those things, treat it like a job. Make it part of your everyday routine." On diet and exercise, Patty explains, "I try to stay gluten-free at all times. I also have a trainer and stay as active as I can.”


She may have starred in Less Than Perfect, but actress Sara Rue is getting closer to perfection since she adopted the Jenny Craig weight-loss program.

Don’t be too restrictive

When too many calories, fats and carbs are eliminated from your diet, the body can respond in a negative manner, even though it may seem as if you are losing weight overnight. “Very restrictive diets tend to cause muscle loss along with fat loss, and it’s that loss of muscle that causes the skin to appear saggy,” says celebrity nutrition expert and founding director of NutriFit, Jackie Keller.

Popular diet plans

Confused about which diet to choose? Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and the Raw Food diet often top the lists of most popular weightloss diets among consumers. However, The Ornish Diet, the TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) diet and the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet have been labeled Best Heart-Healthy diets.


One of the most effective celebrity weight-loss programs has been the reality competition show, Dancing With the Stars, which has kicked-off body transformations like that of singer Marie Osmond, who supplemented her exercise with the Nutrisystem program and lost 50 pounds.

How she did it

Diet and exercise are simple methods for losing inches, but they require discipline and patience. Take a cue from Marie’s experience—it requires persistent lifestyle alterations to maintain the weight your desire.

Get your exercise

If you just diet and don’t exercise, you won’t provide your body with the proper fuel needed to effectively lose weight.


Country crooner Carrie Underwood looked quite cute during her stint on American Idol, but hitting the big time seemed to have encouraged her to fine-tune her figure.

The Skinny on fat cells

During our early teens, our bodies are producing fat cells. This production ceases during puberty, so from then on, you have the number of fat cells you’ll have for life. As we gain and lose weight, the cells swell and shrink.

Look to liposuction

If you’re close to your goal weigh and diet and exercise don’t work and you’re left with stubborn fat pockets (in areas like under the chin), talk to you doctor about liposuction. Less-invasive options, like Ulthera may work, too, although the long-term results are still unknown.


Another Jenny Craig alum, Valerie Bertinelli hit her late 40s looking better than most of her 30-something peers.

Eliminate extra skin

Dropping a lot of weight, especially when you get older, can leave you with a thinner body, but with excess skin. During a procedure like a lower body lift, your plastic surgeon will make a series of strategically placed incisions to tighten the skin and reshape the muscle below.


From grunge rocker kid to high-style fashionista, few others have transformed their bodies and their personal style as dramatically as Kelly Osbourne, who also started her makeover on Dancing With the Stars.

Drink more water

On average, you should be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, which will help to flush out toxins and fat that get lodged in the body.

Easy at-home solutions

According to the study by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, women who lose the most weight employ simple strategies such as tracking what they consume in a journal, preparing meals at home and eating out less.


She’s always had a sexy attitude, even when she tipped the scale at 200-plus pounds. But a few twirls around the Dancing With the Stars ballroom helped Kirstie Alley drop 90 pounds.

How she did it

Kristie started with organic diet and strenuous dance workouts. Her stylist, Sophia Banks Coloma, confirms that she is now in a size 6. She says Kirstie started dieting and losing weight before “Dancing With the Stars,” but it was the new exercise regimen that really had the pounds melting away. “Every week I came back to do more fittings and her waistline would keep getting smaller and smaller.”

Target tummy skin

A lifetime of fluctuating weight or one or multiple pregnancies can lead to a very stubborn pocket of fat in the lower tummy. A tummy tuck, which requires a hip-to-hip incision (that’s hidden below the bikini line), will help tighten the muscles and the skin while liposuction may be used to eliminate excess fat.


Keeping up with her gorgeous siblings is no problem for Khloe Kardashian who seems to have found the perfect balance of a healthy weight and sexy curves.

Conserve muscle tone

In order for the skin to stay taut, the muscles underneath need to be preserved. When more than one to two pounds per week is lost, the underlying muscles, which support the skin, become soft, causing the skin to not lie as flat.


Actress Kelly LeBrock stole all the scenes in the 1980s cult classic Weird Science, but struggled to manage her weight over the years. She brought sexy back after appearing on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, where she lost 31 pounds.

Stop the soda

Drinking just one less can of soda a day can help you decrease your body weight by 15 pounds in just one year, say researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

Quick weight-loss diet tip

Red fruits like apples and berries are loaded with pectin, which limits the amount of fat each cell can physically hold. Furthermore, iron- and magnesium- rich vegetables like lettuce and radishes can help dissolve fat, while citrus fruits and melon can help break down fatty compounds with their vitamin C and flavones.

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    Baloney. Most of these women were not overweight in their "before" shot. Since when is losing weight when you're not overweight a good thing? Stop hating your body!

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    Celebrities are human like everyone else. If they can do it, so can you.

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    Photo shop?!? And i totaly agree if we had their $ we could do it w ease to!!! Celebs fake, us real

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    Thank you for these. Celebrity or not, it is inspiring to see someone getting into shape and losing weight.. better yet getting "healthy"! Everybody's bodies differ when it comes to what works for them. I love seeing the different techniques these women used to get in shape. I agree with Patti-- if you need to lose weight, you have to treat it like a job and work at it everyday.

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    Huh??? Kristie is a size 6? If that is true, I must be a size 00. This woman is a terrible example of weight loss. She has yo-yo'd for years, if not decades. Poor example of weight management and maintenance. Weight loss companies play into this as well....something the rest of us don't have or can't afford.

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    Agree...Agree! Let's not forget that on top of the millions they get paid they also get all the food & supplements for free. We would all jump on that band wagon.

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    I totally agree...these women are not "real life" examples. They have more financial incentives to lose weight. Celebrities are definitely a poor example! Why should we try to live up to their standards? Absolutely ludicrous!!

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    With all due respect (and I love your content 90% of the time), these are terrible examples. The vast majority of these women had multi-million dollar endorsement contracts from weight loss companies. To make sure the celebs deliver on their deal, they have lots of "help" from personal trainers, therapists and nutritionists. Becca @