6 Ways to Maintain a Youthful Neck

We get so busy gauging the progress of wrinkles on our face, we forget that the signs of aging might be creeping up on our neck and décolleté area, too. But you can stave off discoloration, fatty deposits, wrinkles, bands and even loose skin that can evolve into the dreaded turkey wattle—and maintain a more youthful look.


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The Neck Firmer 

Star ingredient bee venom works in tandem with bio marine collagen to purportedly plump and firm skin on the face and neck while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and improving elasticity. Rodial Bee Venom Super Serum, $200, nordstrom.com


The Skin Restorer 

With its unique delivery system, this DMAE- and caffeine-infused formula claims to sculpt and firm sagging skin for a more toned neck, chin and décolleté area. Perricone Cold Plasma Sub-D, $135, subd.com


The Complexion Brightener 

Formulated specifically for the areas often neglected the most—the neck, chest and hands—this restorative treatment works to reduce hyperpigmentation and sunspots while strengthening skin. SkinCeuticals Neck, Chest & Hand Repair, $70, skinceuticals.com


The Wrinkle Smoother 

Harnessing the skin-fortifying power of apple stem cell extract, this cream combats multiple signs of aging by smoothing lines, reducing discoloration and enhancing tone, according to the company. Exuviance Age Reverse Toning Neck Cream, $75, ulta.com 


The Proven Way To Get A Younger-Looking Neck

Lotions, creams and serums, along with sunblock, provide an anti-aging arsenal that can help stave off the signs of aging, but they can only do so much and at some point in-office alternatives may be necessary. While some noninvasive skin tighteners like Ultherapy and Thermage can help firm skin, the results and efficacy vary from patient to patient. For more severe concerns like loose skin and the turkey wattle look, Orange County, CA, facial plastic surgeon Cory Yeh, MD, suggests a three-pronged approach. “The most impressive results and long-lasting effects are usually from a combination of neck liposuction, muscle tightening and a necklift procedure to appropriately tighten neck skin. This often provides years of improvement with a natural appearance of a more youthful neck contour.”


Skin-Firming Yoga

While science hasn’t yet proven it to be true, your fitness routine could also be your secret weapon in the war on aging. According to celebrity fitness expert Mandy Ingber, who has helped shape the bodies of Jennifer Aniston and Kate Beckinsale, yoga may offer anti-aging benefits for your entire body, including its ability to improve the health of the skin on your face and neck. “Inversion poses like the downward-facing dog, the plough and shoulder stand and the forward bend help reverse blood flow and flood the skin with healing nutrients and oxygen,” says Ingber.