Finally! An Easy Way to Get Rid of That Armpit Pooch

By now you’ve probably heard talk of the injectable Kybella that’s designed to bust stubborn fat for good (Khloé Kardashian is one of their newest ambassadors) and provide stellar results, but while it’s only FDA-approved for use under the chin area, dermatologists are finding more and more off-label uses for the drug off the face that are leaving women wide-eyed and hopeful that their stubborn fat-depositing areas (you know, the ones that won’t budge no matter how much you exercise or eat clean) can finally—and quickly—be eradicated. The newest area being treated? That persistent underarm pooch.

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Redondo Beach, CA, dermatologist Annie Chiu, MD, explains that she’s been using Kybella off-label for more than a year in small areas that catch stubborn fat like bra bulges, the lower abdomen, the knees, post-liposuction irregularities, the banana roll (that small stubborn roll under the buttock check area), and the all-too-popular armpit pooch. “No long-term studies have been done in these areas specifically, but when used for the chin area, Kybella has a 5+ year duration, meaning really semipermanent to permanent fat removal if the patient’s weight is not significantly fluctuated,” Dr. Chiu explains. 

Image/The Derm Institute 

So how does this treatment work? Dr. Chiu explains that it is relatively simple, consisting of a series of small injections with a tiny needle in the armpit area. “The number of sessions range between two and four, depending on the type of fat being treated,” she says, adding that most armpit pooches she’s treated have required one or two sessions. “There is mild swelling for a couple of days in the area with no discomfort, and you can see results in four to eight weeks!” See the treatment for yourself here and kiss your stubborn underarm fat good-bye once and for all. 

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  • Lisa
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    I feel as though the before and after photo is misleading. In the first photo it appears that the towel is buttoned tighter and positioned higher to show the armpit pooch. In the 2nd photo the towel appears loser and buttoned lower which would automatically reduce the appearance of the armpit pooch. For example in the first photo her breast look restricted and there is no appearance of cleavage. However in the 2nd photo you do see a small hint of cleavage.