The Right Kind Of Carbs Can Boost Your Fat-Burning Ability

After years of carbohydrate fears, Americans are slowly coming to understand that it's not carbs in general that are problematic, but high-glycemic carbs. This is especially apparent when different kinds of carbs are consumed before a workout.

A recent UK study showed that women who ate low-glycemic carbs during breakfast burned an astounding 50% more fat when they exercised three hours later compared to those who ate an equal-calorie breakfast rich in high-glycemic carbs, which cause a spike in blood sugar. The difference in oxidized fat-7.4 grams versus 3.7 grams-was apparent due in part to the level of free fatty acids in the subjects' blood samples.

To reach your fat-burning potental, researchers recommend avoiding high-glycemic or refined carbs, which are sometimes called "white carbs" because they are often made with white flour or white rice. According to study leader Emma Stevenson, "LGI (low-glycemic index) foods tend to be whole grains, porridge, some whole grain cereals, soy and linseed bread," and these are what to look for in a pre-workout meal.