The Lowdown On Limited Facelifts

Limited-incision facelifts-also known as short-scar facelifts, mid-facelifts, S-lifts, endoscopic lifts and vertical lifts-all use a variation of a traditional facelift incision in an abbreviated pattern to treat more limited areas of the face (most commonly the mid-face, beneath the eye and to the corners of the mouth). The incision generally forms an “S” pattern that curves above and behind the ear or as a pattern required to address only those areas of your face which will be rejuvenated. A more comprehensive facelift incision generally begins at the temple, runs along the front curve of the ear, curves under the earlobe and extends to the nape of the neck.

The different names for limited facelifts are most often related to the incision pattern, although some incorporate liposuction techniques. The endoscopic lift is so named because of the special instrument, called an endoscope, that may be used to extend the surgeon's reach and field of vision beneath the skin's surface.

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