A Strange, Trending Eye Treatment Is Literally Blowing Up People's Faces

For as long as i can remember, I have suffered from dark circles under my eyes. My family members and close dear friends suggested many remedies and products to me and I tried each and every one of them, with little to no results. That is, until my dear beloved friend @samiraolfat introduced me to Carboxy therapy, which is a perfect treatment for under eye dark circles. Having attended only 2 sessions out of 6, I see great results with which I am unbelievably happy and extremely grateful to my friend for bringing this therapy to my attention. I usually don't advise people of procuts or treatments unless I myself am happy with it, which is why I ask any one of my followers who suffer from dark under eye circle to give carboxy treatment a try 😚 I would like to thanks as well @drrazanzahrawi for take caring of me and make me feel comfortable 💗 wishing everyone great night xxxx #rahilhesan #darkcircles #eye #carboxy #happy #love #loveit #feelinggood #look #amazing

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How far would you go to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes? It seems like many of us are willing to try anything to make these pesky “panda eyes” disappear. Some desperate for a solution are even going as far as having the same gas found in fire extinguishers injected directly into the skin as a method to reduce bags and dark circles. This treatment, called carboxy therapy, is gaining a lot of attention on social media where practitioners and patients are showing the procedure in action and the immediate results are hard to watch.

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Based on observation alone, it’s hard to understand why people would willingly try this. As the videos show, the moment the carbon dioxide enters the skin; the injection site and surrounding area begins to swell up, turning the patient into a human balloon. So is carboxy therapy safe and can it really eliminate dark circles for good?

#scarybeautytreatments #bizarrebeautytrends #carboxytherapy #carboxytreatment #co2treatment The gas can stimulate the collagen in your skin #fortiredeyes #fordarkcirlcles #darkspots #stretchmarks #wrinkles Carboxy therapy for undereye wrinkling and darkness and stretch marks on skin.  The deposition of the carbon dioxide causes the body to release oxygen in the area, which stimulates collagen production.  It is safe as long as it is done by a seasoned practitioner. Carboxy treatment may require 10 treatment packages in order to guarantee a significant result. However, some patients may require more than 10 sessions in order to get the results they're looking for. After that, a follow up of every six months is needed @regrann - @gianasim

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According to New York oculoplastic surgeon James Gordon, MD, although carboxy therapy isn’t new, it is becoming a popular treatment for dark circles. “Carboxy is essentially a carbon dioxide (CO2) therapy administered by injections under the skin. It was initially developed to minimize skin irregularity and eliminate post-liposuction residual fat deposits,” says Dr. Gordon. “But over the past few years, it has gained popularity as a minimally invasive treatment for dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes.”

Although the idea of injecting gas into your skin sounds bizarre, Dr. Gordon says that’s not the reason patients should steer clear for now. “Carbon dioxide is naturally present in our bodies at all times. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. While it may technically sound safe, carboxy therapy has not been approved by the FDA to treat dark under-eye circles,” says Dr. Gordon. “Although it’s used widely in Europe, caution should be exercised, as there is no conclusive clinical literature to support its safety, ‘revolutionary’ claims or adverse effects.” 

Carboxy therapy can take up to 15 minutes and several treatments (anywhere from 6-10 sessions) are needed in order to see results, which can last for a few months. Dr. Gordon believes other tried-and-true noninvasive options are effective and yield great results. "I would be hesitant to recommend carboxy as there are many other options available, like fillers and laser skin resurfacing, that have been proven to treat under eye wrinkling and dark circles," says Dr. Gordon. "Before trying a procedure that you aren't familiar with, patients should always consult with an oculoplastic surgeon trained in treating the delicate areas around the eyes and weigh the risks and benefits."