The Four Basic Butt Shapes

No two butts are exactly alike—trust us, we've seen a lot—but most derrières fall into these four basic shape categories:


The heart- or A-shaped butt is typically considered the prettiest and most desirable shape. “This is what I feel to be the mode ideal shape—it’s sexy and feminine,” says Los Angeles plastic surgeon Steven Svehlak, MD. (Picture a heart upside down.) Because of the smaller waist and bigger hips, it comes closest to the universally ideal waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7. “Using a combination of liposuction around the frame of the buttocks and fat transfer to the buttocks, we can create a heart shape.”


Although attractive, the round butt is second to the heart-shaped butt in popularity, according to plastic surgeons. “The round shaped butt is the one that’s more talked about," says Dr. Svehlak. "This is the shape that certain celebrities have that you see all over magazines.” 


A square butt tends to look flat from the side, and almost a little masculine. Plastic surgeons find that this is the most commonly complained-about shape. “In many women with a square-shaped butt, it may be possible to use liposuction to remove excess fat in their love handles, muffin tops and lower back to achieve curvier, or even heart-shaped, buttocks,” says Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dan Yamini, MD.  


This is widely considered the least attractive butt shape, which gets its look from the presence of more fat in the waist and outer thighs. This is also the most challenging shape from a surgical perspective. “Those with a v-shaped butt have few options since they are not good candidates for fat transfer,” says Dr. Yamini. "They simply have too little or too tight buttocks skin and tissue to accept fat transfer, or much reshaping."

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  • Want my butt back
    Posted on

    I used to have a nice heart shaped butt, now I have a butt that has a smaller butt between my regular butt. I think I am trying to say my hips are too close together and I have points of extra fat that looks like I have a but within a butt. I did have a Lipoma removed in 2009 from the inner hip area which looked like I was wearing a huge maxi pad and it seems to be growing back. I gained weight in the most weird placed and I got fat in places I never had before....So upset I want my hot body back with out having to have a "cremation.

  • Charlotte
    Posted on

    I'm so sad, I used to have a heart shape, but lost the volume in my butt after doing Zumba classes, now it's a v! I want my fat back on my bottom, the only place it seems to want to come back to us my tummy, I wish I had stuck to weight training only----I miss my cute butt.

  • JO
    Posted on

    I have an athletic round, heart shaped buttocks. So I've been told. I think one of the posters was attempting to state that big out of shape butts are appreciated only by those of ethnic races. How can I say this......ignorance! From my experience, men prefer women that are fit. And fit women prefer men that are also fit. And those buffet butts spoken of, I've seen in all colors and with all colors of men!

  • me
    Posted on

    This is too funny!! Couldn't go on reading this without laughing considering i searched it up as a joke , but good to know i guess lol

  • Sad
    Posted on

    I have the ugliest butt of all!! The V-shape. I'm 16 and I look like an old lady from the back. So unattractive

  • Anon
    Posted on

    Well that made me feel even WORSE about my v-shaped butt. I want a heart shape!!! :( I didn't know mine was 'Widely considered the least attractive" sigh. I'm 16 i should have a good body. But I have an ugly one. Sad.

  • Neeca
    Posted on

    I have a heart-shaped butt. I've been trying to figure out my butt-type for the longest! :)

  • Georgina
    Posted on

    THANK YOU, ANON213! I couldn't have said it better. In the butt obsessed world, women have forgotten about faces and legs, two features that are difficult to make beautiful if they don't start out that way.

  • Georgina
    Posted on

    Slim heart here.

  • Paige Ford
    Posted on

    My ass is round or also known as a bubble butt. Only problem is that guys try 2 take advantage of my ass :/

  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    Dr Jimeron Andrews aka Dr. J. Curves will give you the perfect body

  • Not_Happy w/it
    Posted on

    I have (I've been told) a gorgeous face, lovely disposition, nice boobs, excellent career/family, a big heart for helping....but...a flat bum! I am out to please self only.I've desired a nicer rear to give me, or at least I think the complete package. Iam just thankful that now, I can do something about it. Looking for an excellent plastic surgeon that can give me realistic results and improve my overall physique. Willing to travel from Kentucky to anywhere in USA for this procedure. Any one have any recommendations?

  • masoume
    Posted on

    hi. my height 170 and weight 48. itry to shape butt. but it dont gain. y???

  • Reyna
    Posted on

    So happy i have a heart shaped :)

  • John
    Posted on

    Wife has a trapezoid butt, wider at the bottom, just makes me want to puke! Yuck. She won't do a damn thing to address it. Yuck yuck yuck!

  • Fabi
    Posted on

    Only 1 photo to describe the 4 kind of butts?

  • averageguy
    Posted on

    It is curious what women think of their bodies. The popularity of the heart-shaped bottom is no surprise to me as I've been a fan of it since... well, as long as I can recall -- adolescence.

    Posted on

    There is a fifth shape that can be commonly seen at Buffets and Wal-Mart . It is the disfigured oval shape caused by those who weigh over 350lbs sometimes less in shorter people. This type is only disirable in ethic cultures.

  • Anon213
    Posted on

    It is well and good to be thrilled with one's own butt shape, but waist, leg, torso and shoulder proportion all play an important part in having a beautiful figure. And, let's not forget the FACE. Sorry, but a gorgeous face trumps a perfect behind.

  • Roy
    Posted on

    Well...I am a guy.. and although I do not care for the "V" or "Box" shapes, I still think it comes down to the whole package. Yep, Heart Shape is my favorite... nothing better to rest your head against... But a woman with a big heart, has more to offer...

  • heart shaped booty
    Posted on

    i as well am a heart shape trying to get the hunny was always complementing on it and i just hated my shape....but after reading this i think ill be ok :)

  • Booty
    Posted on

    I have a round butt so on one hand I shouldn't complain, on the other there is room for improvement. I am very slim yet my bone structure does not allow for the heart shape. The most I can do is try to work out my sides to make them smaller to reach a better ratio. Does anyone know of any good workout routines to achieve this?

  • happy
    Posted on

    I definately have a heart shape- though I had no idea it was considered the prettiest- so I am thrilled! After years of reading workout magazines, I thought it was the round shape-been busting my ass- literally- trying to get one but it's still a heart- now I think I'll just be grateful and leave it at that!

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