The Man Who Looks Like the Ken Doll Could Have Lost His Face From Surgery

Women aren’t the only ones to get addicted to plastic surgery and end up looking like they aren’t human. Men can fall victim to too many procedures, too. And sometimes, there are serious risks and side effects involved with leading a life that boarders on being too plastic.

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Rodrigo Alves is a 32-year-old Brazilian man that is known on social media as the human Ken Doll. Thanks to at least 42 procedures, he’s been able to transform himself into a real-life walking doll. But last week, human Ken wasn’t so lucky as he suffered from a hole in his nostril that he said was eating his nose. In fact, Alves was told that if the infection wasn’t under control, it could potentially eat away at his face.

Luckily, Alves, who has not been diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder, was treated with IV antibiotics, which got the infection under control. But the damage (specifically rotted tissue) caused by the necrosis is said to be permanent. Reconstructive surgery may be the only way to potentially lessen the effects of the damage.

Yesterday, he posted on his Instagram this photo with a caption reading, "#botched but soon to be fixed. For the 44th time it isn’t the end of the world.”

Instagram/Rodrigo Alves