Test Out Breast Implant Sizes At Home

It's common for your plastic surgeon to have you "try on" various implant sizes during your consultation, but you may also want to do this yourself at home, with the help of something you probably have in your pantry.

Simply fill nylon knee-highs or cut-off pantyhose with the specific amounts of rice we've listed below. If you're considering under-the-muscle placement, you'll need to add 15% more volume and try them on with a sports bra that will compress them in a manner similar to how the chest muscle would. (Generally, it takes 150 to 200 cc to increase breast size by one cup.)

156 cc = 2/3 cup of rice
177 cc = 3/4 cup of rice
236 cc = 1 cup of rice

Let us know if you try this by leaving a comment below.

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