Surgery Vs. Noninvasive Anti-Aging Treatments

As helpful as sunscreen, exfoliation, and medically-based surface treatments are in the fight against aging, it's not realistic to expect noninvasive procedures and products to cure 40 or 50 years' worth of biological and environmental tissue damage.

Viable options include limited-incision facelifts and necklifts, which can reduce visible aging symptoms by about five years. Full facelifts and browlifts can provide more dramatic, longer-lasting results, enhancing one's overall youthfulness. Facial implants may add instant depth. And even rhinoplasty can rejuvenate an entire facial appearance by reshaping the nasal structure.

There's no one answer that can improve the signs of aging for all people, however, so patients and plastic surgeons must discuss the available options that will lead to good outcomes for your specific face and skin.

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