A New Procedure Lets You Get Rid of Fat in Just 25 Minutes

Fat-melting devices have been around for quite some time, and doctors and patients alike can’t seem to get enough of their ability to kill fat for good. Enter, SculpSure, a new noninvasive light-based treatment that takes just 25 minutes (up to four areas can be treated during a single session) to eliminate fat.

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SculpSure uses the heat from a laser to raise your body temperature, in turn destroying unwanted fat cells (the cells are naturally expelled from your body over the following two weeks post-treatment) from your love handles and/or abdomen. According to the company, after about three months there is permanently less fat in the body (some patients only require one treatment, while others need additional treatments to see optimal results).

The best part? Those problem areas won’t be a problem anymore. 

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