The Truth Behind Kim Kardashian’s "Organic Botox"

Reality starlet Kim Kardashian may be pregnant, but that’s never stopped her from putting the brakes on looking beautiful. And, one thing that she’s admitted to doing is having Botox injected—she even had her experience (and a reaction that it caused) documented on her hit TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

As any expecting mother would know, it’s a no-no to undergo injectables and fillers of any kind while you’re expecting. Kim knows this rule of thumb, too, and according to The Telegraph she recently bought the U.S. licensing rights to a product called Biotulin, an organic topical gel that claims to rival the effects of the Botox sans the loss of facial expression or other potential risks.

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Biotulin purportedly works to smooth the skin with the help of the ingredient Spilanthol, an anesthetic extracted from the Acmella Oleracea plant. According to the company’s website, the extract reduces muscle contraction and fine lines and relaxes facial features, particularly around the eyes and eyebrows for firmer skin that lasts up to 24 hours.

We were curious if Kim K.’s newest beauty must-have could really work as good as the tried-and-true Botox and here’s what West Palm Beach, FL, dermatologist Kenneth R. Beer, MD, had to say:

“Creams may help to firm the skin but are not able to relax the muscle like Botox. If they could, they would be labeled as drugs and regulated by the FDA.”

While we don’t know just yet if Biotulin will gain the same following as Botox in years to come, we do know that anything that bears the Kardashian stamp of approval will have women running out to try it.

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