Is This Injectable the Key to Scar-Free Skin?

Facial scars, whether they’re from acne, surgery, trauma or something else, can cause the surface of the skin to look uneven and sometimes splotchy, making it difficult to fully hide them. A new in-office treatment for acne scars is Bellafill, an FDA-approved filler that minimizes the appearance of moderate to severe acne scars on the cheeks.

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“It’s ideal for those with acne scars such as ice-pick scars, rolling scars and boxcar scars, and who aren’t allergic to bovine collagen, which the formula contains (two allergy tests are needed before treatment),” says Paramus, NJ, dermatologist Rebecca Baxt, MD. “Each scar is injected to fill in the depression and stimulate collagen growth.” One or two treatments are needed for optimal results, which typically last about a year. “But in my experience, three treatments, spaced six months apart, provide superior results because the collagen has had time to grow,” says Dr. Baxt.

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